Coconut Macaroons (2 Ingredients)


What a super easy recipe – my favourite kind!




I used to buy these when we lived overseas – so yummy

Pinterest has so many recipes – I had to “test” it out could it be so easy to make?

coconut macaroons

My boys have just “taste -tested” and have become BIG fans


What you going to need:

x1 Can of Condensed Milk

x1 packet of Coconut (200g)

What you going to do:

Preheat oven to 200 Degrees Cecilius

In a bowl pour out the whole can of condensed milk and with a spatula stir in the coconut

Using a cookie dough scoop (smallest one you have) place them on a tray with a silicone mat/baking paper

Bake / Grill for 10minutes (check on them @ every 2 minutes-them as they go golden quickly)

Allow to cool completely before removing them off the tray


We managed to make 42 Macaroons from this recipes.

Footnote: This is just one of those great recipes that you can always have at hand – ideal gift for a hostess , housewarming , class party , gifts…I can really keep going with the ideas here.



Safety Gadget – My Bag-Secur!


When you walk around pushing a pram you seem to be the favourite target for criminals.I have had my cellphone stolen from my nappy bag (lets call this my beginners stage,my little man was weeks old and it was literally one of our 1st outings out to the shops just the two of us and I fell victim to crime), then there was the Zara incident (we will call this my novice stage – I caught her just in time and she hid my cellphone under some children’s clothes, but in true Jozi style I went for her grabbed her arm and made a huge scene at the ever proper Zara Sandton store, however hubby was left alone with two kids and trying to still look for my ringing phone so it took but only a second for the koei to dash out the store).

My last attempt was at the Makro in Alberton where I caught them with their hands right in my bag,I pretended to not see and continued to walk (by now I’m calling myself PROFESSIONAL because I had a plan…I walked they walked, I zagged they zagged.Eventually the two men followed me to the toy isle and I made my attack.My husband screaming for me to calm down thought I was a looney,I grabbed them and wouldn’t let go, screaming “security” , “security” at the top of my lungs but the one I hadn’t grabbed made a run for it and when i went to grab him he’s friend made a run for it as well.

So I’m tired, I don’t want to be a victim anymore and frankly I think the next person who tries to grab anything that belongs to me will get hurt.I’m small , I’m 1.53cm but I’ll pack a mean punch.In fact when I get to my local Makro store the 1st thing I do is go to the sporting goods department (I kid you not) I grab a metal baseball bat and walk around with it while I do my shopping……I’m waiting….I’m just waiting.

This is not a way to live life right???

I’ve found an awesome gadget.A great gadget.


What is it and how does it work?

Its got a carabiner one on side to attach to your handbag / nappy bag etc and on the other side is the seat-belt attachment.(see pic below)

bagsecur fb page


This bag isn’t going anywhere – or at least your “bag” will give them a good fight for their thug money by that time you long on your way.

I tried it at the shops today and will definitely use it again. The trolley guy was a little perplexed with what I was doing but hey safety 1st!

bagsecur3 bagsecur4

I love this product and want to share it with you.

Soooooooo we doing a GIVE AWAY!

x1 Bag-Secur


  • Only persons residing in South Africa may enter
  • The prize will be sent to you via post – if you reside in Jozi it will be hand delivered to you.
  • Winner will be selected by
  • Not refundable for money
  • Winner will be notified on Friday(06.02.2015) via the My Gifts from Above Facebook page

What you need to do:

  1. LIKE the Bag-Secur Facebook Page:
  2. Leave a REPLY below


Thank you to the wonderful team at Bag-Secur for sponsoring the prize

View Website:

Bag-Secur can be purchased at Builders Warehouse or D.I.Y Depot

Going on Stilnox – our 2 week trial


A few weeks back there was an interesting piece on Carte Blanche called the Lazarus Pill. ( be patient it sometimes hangs but its worth the wait …just watch it)

Any parent with a special needs child watching this would have probably lost just as much sleep as I have.

Could there be this Miracle Pill that would wake up the dormant brain cells in my little boys brain?

Would he finally say the words I so long to hear……”Mommy”?

Should we try put him on?Is it safe……these questions went round and round in my head for days.Family and friends were contacting me,asking me if I had watched it and why not put my little man on it.Easier said then done.We’ve done our best not to throw medication down he’s little throat.Its hard enough having to give him medication for his epilepsy daily and twice a day at that let alone any other medication.

We had always been told that our little man had 10’s of thousands of dormant brain cells and by doing this and by doing that the dormant cells would awaken so to speak and do the job of those brain cells that had died during the lack of oxygen at birth (the Birth of my little man…that’s another story….a long story) so will this work?

I gathered the courage to contact the Pediatrician and I sent all the information as well as the video of the Carte Blanche segment.

Two weeks later our Pediatrician came back to us and together we took the decision based on the doctor’s research that we would put him on the lowest dosage and try it for two weeks.

This is our 3rd day he takes a quarter of this very minute pill every morning.

Have we noticed changes????

Yes – last night he went to he’s little toy tool box, lifted the lid grabbed his little toy Black and Decker drill and began playing.This is HUGE HUGE in our household as he primarily drags cars around or bangs toys.

We have put it in God’s hands.

I’ll keep you updated during these 2 weeks as to how he is doing.

Pray and wish us luck.




The words and other con­tent pro­vided in this blog post, and in any linked mate­ri­als, are not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice. If the reader or any other per­son has a med­ical con­cern, he or she should con­sult with an appropriately-licensed physi­cian or other health care worker.

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My Valentines Day favourites at Woolworths



Yup its commercialized , yup red roses cost a crazy bundle but I still love it.

As a mom I’ve come to realized that these little silly days form part of teaching.Valentines Day turns into teaching a child about thinking of someone else they care about, that they love.Teaching them that V-day is a special day but you can make someone feels special any day of the year.

Have you ever wondered why you get the gifts you do from your partner?

I have – we were brought up in a home where my dad spoiled my mom with jewellery and her favourite -perfumes , when it came to gift giving.

Do you think children learn this from their parents?

I do?

What does my brother primarily spoil my lovely Sis-in-law to be with when it comes to gifts???……..Jewellery and Perfume

What does my husband and brother-in-law usually spoil their partners with?……….Flowers

I want to raise sons that are considerate and thoughtful towards their partners everyday even on such a mundane day as Valentines Day.

Woolworths is my favourite one stop Valentines Day Shop

Below are a few of my favourite V-day goodies ideal to spoil your loved ones,friends,work colleagues/staff and even to send to school for the kids in your childs class.

Glitter-Travel-Mug-6009184530710.R89.95jpg.1    Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Lolly-30g-6009182229173 R10..95.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Hearts-390g-6009182229678R99.95.1Metallic-Heart-Bowl-6009184984414R55.00.1Metallic-Heart-Mug-6009184984421R49.00.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Card-6009184531823R9.95Cherry-Flavoured-Heart-Lollies-520g-6009184530680R99.95.1

Get them early so you not rushing around on the day.



 Footnote: the Beautiful Cover for this blog post is from Giggle

I love looking it at it – it makes me happy #sopretty

1st Grade Rocks!!! Free Iron On T-shirt Decal


So, its begun……My babies school careers.

Little guy is going to our local primary school and Little Man will be going to a special needs school.

Tomorrow the school will be hosting a Meet-and-Greet Orientation type party for the 1st Graders.They will be introduced to their teacher’s and shown to their classrooms thereafter they will have a little party.

I wanted them to both have something special – something that I made, something that says (even if its just for me)”mommy thought of you and how (tears) this is such a big day in your little life (and more tears)”.

I spent a very long time on a very simple design for the Iron On but – its all made with love.(I’m still getting used to the program)

Tshirt Print

What do you need:

  • A4 Iron On sheet of Transfer Paper (I used TRIBE – bought a packet of 10 at PNA for R123.99)
  • Iron and Ironing Boar
  • A white t-shirt (I got mine from Pick n Pay Clothing for R29.99)
  • Printer – Or take your Iron On paper to the closest printing shop like a Postnet or Minuteman Press

What you need to do:

  1. Print out the PDF in colour on Iron on Paper
  2. Warm the iron
  3. Face the printed side face down on the shirt and iron really well
  4. allow to cool
  5. Remove the top film of the iron on paper

And that’s it – you done

An inexpensive shirt made especially for their special day and it only got R40.29 ($3.50)


Footnote: for photo details step-by-steps on the above see my previous tutorial here:

2015 Back 2 School favourites


My other favourite time of the year  – school supply time!

With the boys starting 1st Grade it was compulsory for us parents to purchase the school supply box with all contents direct from the school – so it wasn’t much fun.

However I still get the opportunity to scour the stationary isles for book covers and homework supplies (yayness!!!!)

I’m drawing inspiration from bright NEON colours to (personalize their book covers……I’ll let you know how that goes however there are so many pretty cool items I just had to share with you.

Now back when I was at school and we were finally allowed to cover our books in whatever colour we wanted I always went for matching items – so from book covers to stationary it all matched…I loved it and still do.

Lets start off with the backpacks:

I came across these at Mr Price and Pick n Pay

  PNP backpacks 2

  01_1725510074_SI_11 R79.9901_2727810069_SI_08 R99.9901_2727810044_SI_11 R99.99

01_6722810013_SI_08 R89.9901_2727810054_SI_00 - R99.99  01_1725510058_SI_00 R89.99

Colourful Book Covers

Pnp matching stationary PNP matching statioinary 2

 No stationary shopping trip is complete without a visit to my favourite of favourites……TYPO!!

Typo6.1 Typo2.1 Typo 4.1


typo9.1 typo11.1 typo8.1

typo10.1 typo12.1

and lets not forget the store I visit daily …Woolworths





Perler Bead Holiday Fun


Happy New Year!

Hubby had an op during his shutdown time so I’ve been nurse, mommy and crafter this holiday.

With Mr resting there have had to be a lot of quite time activities and our Perler Bead crafts have been the perfect solution.

We made these on New Years Eve.


For the Perler Bead Bowl

  1. Spray an Ovenproof Bowl with Spray and Cook
  2. Pour Perler beads into bowl and gently press them up against the wall of the ovenproof bowl until there is just one neat layer of beads
  3. Place bowl in preheated oven for 16minutes – ovens temperatures may differ keep checking your to see if beads have softened and melted.
  4. Remove from oven an allow to cool
  5. Once cooled place under running WARM soapy water and slowly lift the Perler bead bowl of the sides of your glass bowl.
  6. Dry it nicely and its done!
  7. Ideal to use for keys or jewellery on your night stand or entrance hall



We got our Perler beads and equipment from The Crafters Den in Edenvale – what a Mecca for Perler Beads we love it!

The Crafters Den (formerly GADGETS Arts & Crafts)

37 Voortrekker Avenue
1609, South Africa

Open today: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Geppettos World – On Line Store – Wishlist Galore


With the Festive season knocking at our door, family and friends begin to ask whats on the boys Christmas list.I like to make sure that my little man gets exactly what he needs,so weeks before I begin to ask he’s Speech , Occupational and Physio Therapists what they might suggest I put on his list that could benefit him.

My favourite and go-to site is definitely Geppettos World and low and behold they have not disappointed with a fab new website and stunning additions to their ranges.Our wishlist has gone from one or two items to a full blown list ….and who can blame me their stuff is fantastic.

We shop at Geppettos for my little boy’s special needs but the items and equipment on this amazing on-line store is for every child.Security being,sadly what it is in this country, few kids get to roam around outdoors unless at school or nursery and if lucky in their own backyards.So Geppettos Equipment is ideal.

I’ve seen a lot of kids who have fantastic fine motor skills but because we live most our lives indoors due to safety we are growing a generation that is lacking in their Gross Motor Skills.

Visit their website:


Facebook Page:

 rolla-coaster play-shapes-_4 path-1-1 hampster-wheel-1-1 geometric-block-set-1spandex-cocoon.0




De-worming my family – you should too!


The incident I’m about to share with you is true,for my family’s sake I’m glad I never forgot it as it occurred months before I even fell pregnant.

My previous employers had both their kids at a very prestigious private school.One morning they were called to the school as the children had to have trauma counseling after witnessing a classmate having what looked like an epileptic seizure and passing out right in front of them.
The little guy was rushed to the nearest hospital,after many tests were run and the standard EEG were done all the parents were updated and notified of his  progress and prognosis.
The little boy didn’t have epilepsy but had worms – a worm so large it actually grew upward and when it hit the brain caused him to have a seizure.

When I was little it was standard practice to be de-wormed. I often ask friends and other moms at the nursery school if they de- worm their family and it seems I’m very much alone when it comes to this issue …..until that is I tell the above story.

Our pediatrician recommended we de- worm every 6 to 12 months especially since we have pets. So every 6 months the whole family from dad to dog (mom,kids and nanny included) are all de- wormed on the same day/week.

I was recently thanked by a mommy of a 3 year old after I told her this story. She de- wormed her family and was mortified with what she saw came out of her little one.

So you see , de-worming is not just for rural African countries or townships.

Consult your doctor / pharmacist before you de- worm for advice on which product is best for your family members.We use Vermox as its even safe for my little guy who has epilepsy.

The Vermox Australia website is ideal for parents looking for information on De-Worming

The incident above is not fictional.the above de-worming issues are my opinion on this subject.
The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical examination, diagnosis and formal advice. I accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.All pictures used from from the Vermox Australia website.