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Our journey as a family with Special Needs is at times a very lonely one.

Lets face it , your family loves and adores you and your children , your friends give you their supporting smiles ,who truly knows what our lives are like if not another parent with a child with special needs?

Yet – it’s still a lonely one, I’ve tried to make contact with other mums at therapy sessions or even out and about in stores but its a burden that tends to be left behind closed doors and I’ve been dying to speak out, to reach out.

So when Nina Zylstra the Editor of Special Needs.co.za asked if I’d like to be part of the Meet the Parents Segment I jumped at the chance at meeting fellow parents and having them get a little insight on our family as well.

Click here to visit their website and get to know us and the other parents a little better…..http://specialkids.co.za/home/index.php/meet-the-parents#.U9oQxGOLVQU



Chocolate AERO Cake – A slice of Heaven for our Winter

July 2014 037.1.1
I was given this recipe years ago whilst still in my early teens by my Aunt Fatima.
Its a family favourite and my favourite as its the one cake that has no leftovers.Its a clean plate after any occasion.
Why is it so good?
  • Its Chocolate Chiffon cake
  • Its ideal for both the Warmer seasons and Colder seasons
  • The Aero Sauce is heaven on earth speared on each slice (fyi – this is not a Nestle’ sponsored post)


There are a few things we need to remember when baking this cake:

You need to utilize a Chiffon Tin (Angel Food / Bundt Cake Tin / Fluted Round)

51dq6SrFbdL._SL1500_ 418urTSPpLL

Yuppie chef has some pretty nice cake pans to choose from.



You need to have a deep cake plate/tray that will allow for the sauce to stay within.(Like the one below)

July 2014 001.1.1.


This will be your most favourite go-to recipe this I promise.

Remember in Summer bake and make the sauce before time….make space in your refrigerator so that the sauce will be nice and cold when you serve it – an hour before serving should be fine.

In Winter serve this cake and its sauce warm – heaven on a plate!

Always Always…spread every slice with the Aero Sauce xxooxx



Top 5 favourite Household Products Series – Product 1

My Top 5 Favourite Household Items 2014

I’m blessed that I have Domestic help twice a week however over December I was alone with two little boys and a house to clean.

My little boy follows me everywhere I go and I love it but it was also a major worry as I dragged around the bucket and mop when I cleaned the floors.

I had to act fast and came across probably the best invention ever……


The Addis Spritza.

This is ideal for my home , in fact for any home as its easy, quick and safe.

No longer do we have to drag buckets of soapy water around, no longer is there a concern that an unattended bucket could be cause for a drowning child or swallowing of chemical water.

I simply place my floor cleaner and water into the bottle provided, clip it in and spray while I sweep……I love love this product!

With all the traffic coming in and out my home during the busy festive season I kept my Spritza close by at all times and it was simple and so so easy.

Addis has been a longstanding household name.

Life’s for living, and we love being part of yours. Addis – Making it easy

Click on their website  http://www.addis.co.za/  for more fantastic Addis Products ( I know I found a few things I’ve added for my next shopping trip)

Father’s Day Gifts – Ideas from my family to yours

I try to make a big deal of any celebration.
My husband is of the opinion that days such as Valentines Day , Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just commercialized money-making days.
I don’t care – I believe that children learn from our actions and I want my little boys to be thoughtful gift giving men.
Father’s Day isn’t just for Sunday – My husband’s festivities begin earlier in the week – From Monday and ends on Father’s Day Sunday.
Everyday he gets a small gift or treat shall we say….Its funny to see both the excitement in our boys and shockingly the eagerness my husband has to come home and receive his gift that evening.(now tell me who doesn’t like getting presents?)
We don’t spend too much money and they quirky little gifts or treats.
For instance:
 Monday – A Personalized Shirt
Tuesday – Jar of Shortcake Chuckles (his favourite)
Wednesday – Dad mug
Thursday – Homemade cookies served with warm milk on the Personalized cutting board
Friday – Just in time for the World Cup – show off his supporting team with a personalized cellphone cover
Saturday – Barber Treatment
Sunday – All Day Daddy treatment:
Lunch of his choice
Final Gift – A hint a few months ago……. a traditional Shavette
aa wooden boards large new
Where to buy:
Shirt Graphics – Cool Beans Design Agency – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cool-Beans-Design-Agency/140760239299227?ref=br_tf
Jar of Chuckles Shortcake – Chuckles @ Woolworths Jar @Osbros
Mug – https://www.kidslabels.co.za/Catalogue/Coffee-Mugs/Personalised-ceramic-mugs/
Personalized  Cutting Board – http://www.lovelettersstationery.co.za/A%20Wooden%20Boards.html
Cellphone Cover – https://www.facebook.com/tickledbluecustomcases
Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day

Yuppiechef.com – Nutella Pancake cake

This arrived in my Inbox this morning and has my taste buds tantalized.How yum does this look?

I’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven – Nutella and Ferrero Rochers in one recipe.Chocoholics……… Welcome

There’s def a jar of Nutella in our household and I can foresee exactly what we will be doing this weekend!Well Done Annie.

Visit the website for more inspirational recipes and ideas – http://www.yuppiechef.com/spatula/?ref=toolbar

Visit the Yuppiechef Online store for amazing, amazing kitchen gadgets you cant live without – http://www.yuppiechef.com/index.htm?ref=toolbar

Make a Nutella pancake cake

A jar of Nutella probably doesn’t last very long in many households. And if a teaspoon of the good stuff can cure a broken heart, can you imagine the secret powers this Nutella pancake cake holds? If you love the hazelnutty goodness as much as we do, then this pancake cake will go down a treat.

Makes 1 extra large cake. Halve ingredients for a smaller version.


5 batches of classic pancakes (about 40–50 individual pancakes)
2 cups Nutella, softened

For the chocolate ganache
300g dark chocolate, chopped
300ml cream

Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, to serve



1. Make approximately 45–50 pancakes using this basic pancake recipe. Allow them to cool completely before arranging the cake.
2. While the pancakes are cooling, make the chocolate ganache. Place the cream in a saucepan over medium heat. When it starts to boil, remove the saucepan and stir in the chocolate until it has melted and the mixture is smooth. Let it sit for 5 minutes to thicken slightly.
3. Set aside ½ cup of the chocolate ganache to pour over the top of the cake. Assemble the cake by layering the pancakes and alternating between softened Nutella and chocolate ganache between each layer. A good spatula comes in really handy.


4. Garnish with chopped Ferrero Rochers and allow to rest for an hour or two before serving.


Warning. This is a slightly labour intensive cake to make, but we guarantee eyebrows will pop, tongues will loll and plates will be licked clean,

which is always worth the effort, eh? Plus, by pancake 49 you will be a seasoned pro.

by Annie Kolatsis

Fresh out of UCT, Marketing degree in hand, Annie is one of the newest additions to the Yuppiechef Grad Programme.

When not baking up a storm, you can find this self proclaimed travel and series addict

watching reruns of Friends or curled up with a book. View more articles by .

Recycling Fun – Plastic Bottle Cap Puzzle

Children learn through play.Its something I witness everyday.
With all the holidays we had between March and April my little man could do with a few refreshers
I had my family collect their Milk Bottle caps/tops so I could make these.

What you need:

  1. Paper
  2. Double sided tape
  3. Plastic Milk Bottle Caps
  4. Printer
  5. Scissors

What you need to do:


  1. Using MS Word or any other program you feel comfortable with create the circles.Or use the template I created (click below)
  2. Cut strips of the Double sided tape and stick on the back side of the page
  3. Cut out the circles
  4. Peel of Double sided tape and place the paper circle in the middle of the plastic bottle cap

Free Templates:


Click Here  – Alphabet Bottle Template




Footnote:We purchase these milk bottles from Woolworths


Top Gear Weekend – Ideal Giveaway just in time for Father’s Day

Fathers DayPost

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Purchase your tickets below (dont forget your Discount Code)


I searched for prices on accommodation and flights independently and found that the  Travel Packages on the website are fantastic see for yourself:


Thank you to http://www.topgearfestivaldurban.co.za/


Free Mother’s Day Printables

Happy Mother’s Day

Spoiling mom ,gran , aunt or godmother this Sunday?

Keep costs low but still have a creative edge with these FREE Mothers Day Printables.

Below are simple printables to add to any gift ,table,wall or cake.


Mothers Day Banner

Mothers Day Banner – Mothers Day Banner

Mothers day Cake Topper and Tag

Mothers Day Gift Tag and Cake Topper – Mother’s Day Gift Tag and Cake Topper

Mothers Day DIY Gift – Gumball Machine plus FREE Printables


Living in the Southern Hemisphere means we are in Autumn right now so inspiration for Mother’s Day was drawn from the beautiful strong  colours that are synonymous with this season.


A few weeks ago we were at Lifestyle Garden Centre and I came across Terracotta pots with drip trays – I bought them immediately, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with them.

I came across loads of “Gumball Machine” tutorials on Pinterest  – and we made one two years ago that now holds my nail polishes.

This afternoon the boys and I got busy making these for the two grannies for Mothers Day Gifts.

This is what we used:

Terracotta Pot and Drip Tray
Hot Glue Gun
Glass Bowl

I’ve also attached Free Printables we made to go with our gifts.

Mothers Day Banner

Click here for the Mothers Day Banner – Mothers Day Banner

Please drop on by tomorrow for the Free Gift Tags and Cake Topper Printable.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – God Bless you all.

May the Lord keep you safe , happy and healthy so you may continue to be the best mom the Lord chose for your children.



Inspired by:





Additional Information:

Lifestyle Garden Centre

Cnr. Beyers Naudé Drive & Ysterhout Avenue
Randpark Ridge
GPS Coordinates:
27° 56″ 39 E, 26° 5″ 44 S


Ideas to spoil Mom’s this Mothers Day – Part 1 & 2

There are only so many fluffy slippers , hand creams or pajamas one mom can handle.
I’m a fairly new mom with only a few years of Mothers days under me and I have to be honest I love them…I love getting presents (who doesn’t?).
My favourite and most treasured gift is the priceless Macaroni bracelet I received from my little man in his first year at Nursery school.
So with Mothers Day 2014 approaching I need to find gift ideas to give the grannies.
Macaroon sent me their stunning Mothers Day Gift list and I’m in love ( meaning when I order  aprons for the grannies I’d be adding an extra for me)
Apron 1 Apron 2 Apron 3
quick1 quick3 quick2 quick_k
 Visit their website: http://www.macaroon.co/macaroon/content/en/macaroon/mothers-day
My other favourite finds came from the online store – http://www.lovelettersstationery.co.za/A%20Personalised.html
I’m crazy about anything personalized so this is right up my alley.
I’m in love with the Personalized pencils ,Cork Memo Boards , Monogram Candles and lets not forget the awesome notepads.
aa scalloped corkboardaa candle new aa corkboard monogram
  kraft formal aa black pencilsaa large kraft notepad


With just days to go until Mother’s day I’ve just been adding to my own wishlist.

Have a look:

Kiekie Creations (situated on the East Rand) personalize the most amazing items (and you know how obsessed I am about personalized stuff)

Like their page because you will want to keep their details


202709_450825028377088_1276846573_o 10259115_486591071467150_365597420110162406_o 1238761_378234768969448_653017020_n 944733_346384795487779_1241268947_n 1012114_346384225487836_1410501493_n

and once again my favourite  does not disappoint….Woolworths


Im getting the above for myself  – a little treasure box to keep all the beautiful little treasures my boys make for me – R130.00

Tea-Biscuits-For-A-Special-Mom-6009182712279 Mesh-Case-For-Iphone-5-9319885855508 Chunky-Poncho-9325244432181 R1599 Chevron-Nightie-9325244448755 Check-Wool-Poncho-9321998414893 R999


Click above to take you directly to their Mothers Day gift items – you wont regret it especially if you don’t have the time to drop in to a store close by …have it delivered to you or directly to your mom.

Happy Shopping.