winter must-haves 2018

Its May and Autumn and the cold seasons are here,let me share with you why ViralChoice is my family’s favourite immune booster.

When the boys were in nursery school I was a stickler on their health and used those immune boosters daily.My boys never got really sick nor did they miss school much.enter their primary years and homework and extra murals and everything else that comes with children in primary school and getting an immune booster down their little throats seemed to fall by the waist-side.In saying that I also noticed that they got sick and they were absent and out GP visits increased and this went for the kids and both parents.

#proudmommymoment…… This year I got back on track and implemented my ViralChoice  immune boosting regime.At the beginning of March I start my family on an immune booster  to date I’ve only ever used Viral Choice because I’ve seen the results and know if works for my family.This will continue daily until the end of September.

mgfa winter must-haves 2018

Have I seen results?Oh yes!! Last year this time there were already runny noses and dry coughs. I’m very happy to report that not a single tissue has been utilized for this purpose to date.Also, the class my oldest is in had 4 parents come and collect their children because there were to sick to stay at school – even the teacher noticed that he is about the only child that hasn’t got the sniffles.

Happy Winter to all.Stay snug and warm.May there be very few colds and flus in your household.


#SaverSeries – How we cut costs

How we cu costs and benefited

I hear it all the time , I’ve seen it on social media.The majority of society today struggles financially from month to month. I’m revisiting my #SaverSeries – How we cut costs.Our lives gets complacent , we relax , we slip and our finances take the knock and we find ourselves going round in circles financially and our lives and families get affected.

A few years ago I really set out on a mission to get us back on track financially it was mentally and physical exhausting to police our finances.

I was sitting this morning having breakfast and I switched on the tv and the Netflix and it got me thinking once again about how we have saved so much since un-subscribing from our local satellite channels (DSTV) and I thought it a great time to revisit our saving strategies seeing as May is the month we made the move to Netflix.To date doing a quick lets-not-get-to-mathematical sum I’m sure we have saved close to mmm lets see…..R 24 000.00 holy smokes.

Here is the blog post I did back then …. #SaversSeries

Savings like these have helped us so much each and every year.As our responsibilities have also increased with school fees , scary medical aid fees and everything else that comes with family life.(Let me not get started on how in the last two months since the 15% implementation our grocery bill has gone up by 50%).

I’m always on the look out for ways to save and cut costs.What have you done lately to save?Let me and everyone else know because we can always use a little help.

Happy Saving

I’ll be posting a few other posts on ways I try to save.

FYI: It shocks me every-time we go visit family and watch TV that the same episodes and movies a still showing,there has been an improvement but definitely note one that would have be rushing back to get subscribed once again.Happy with my Netflix !


Soup Series – Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

This Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup is ultimately my absolute most favourite of soups.I know I probably say that about most of the soups on my Soup Series but this is hands down on the  top of the list.

Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

I came across this Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup when I worked in an office building with the most awesome coffee shop downstairs.In Winter this was my lunch every single day and I didn’t mind one bit because I loved it so much.I had totally forgotten about this amazing soup until my neighbor walked in with this giant pumpkin in her hands , there was a special at Food Lovers Market R 30.00 for two pumpkins so she spoiled us with one.FYI she loved the Curried Pumpkin soup I made with the pumpkin she bought.

Ingredients for curried pumpkin coconut soup:
  • ½ a Pumpkin
  • x1 Onion
  • x2 Tsp of crushed garlic
  • x1 tsb of grated ginger
  • x1 tsp of curry powder
  • ½ a can of Coconut Milk
  • 1 x sachet of Vegetable Stock
  • Pumpkin Seeds – Optional
  1. Peel and chop the pumpkin into smaller pieces (remove all seeds)
  2. Steam or roast the pumpkin until soft / cooked
  3. Prepare stock
  4. In a medium size saucepan drizzle some oli oil and add the chopped onion and crushed garlic,cook until soft
  5. When pumpkin is ready add to your saucepan ,sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper – lower heat
  6. Add in the grated ginger and stir
  7. Add in the curry powder and stock (remember to prepare stock before hand) allow ingredients to cook , at this stage you can start to smell the amazing aroma permeating from your kitchen, cook for 15 minutes and stir from time to time.
  8. Remove from heat and liquidize (I use an immersion blender so everything remains in the pot) the soup
  9. Add in the Coconut Milk and stir – return to heat (low) for 5 minutes
  10. Serve – you can sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top or drizzle a little more coconut milk

Let me know if you give it a try.I know its my family’s favourite at the moment as we slowly creep into the colder months and with these grey clouds and spontaneous rain its just the perfect weather for soup.

Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

If you enjoying soups this season be sure to visit the rest of the soups and their recipes on the Soup Series

Bon Appétit

Future Park JHB from 24th of February 2018

Future Park Johannesburg

I am beyond excited to take my boys to Future Park Jhb, it opens on the 24th of February and is here until the 8th of April at Silverstar Casinos

I marked these dates on my calendar  last year when I came across instagram pic after awesome instagram pic from the blog mommies in Cape Town that I follow.

It looks beyond awesome.

The exhibition’s fun, interactive activities will captivate the imagination and introduce young ones to the marvels of technology, using scanners and sensors to make each child’s colourful drawings come to life in this unique digital universe.


teamLab was formed in 2001 by a group of Tokyo University postgraduates. This “ultra-technologists” group consists of a wide range of specialists who blur the boundaries between art, science, technology and creativity. teamLab’s activities include the opening sequence of the Taiga drama Hana Moyu, the Milan Expo 2015 Japan Pavilion, and exhibitions throughout the world including New York’s Pace Gallery, London’s Saatchi Gallery, Paris’ Maison & Objet, Silicon Valley’s PACE Art + Technology, Istanbul’s Borusan Contemporary, Singapore’s ArtScience Museum and Seoul’s teamLab World. About 470 000 people visited the Odaiba teamLab exhibition in Tokyo.

Some Activities are listed below:

  • Sketch Aquarium

Children are invited to colour in a drawing of a sea creature of their choice. Once completed, the piece of paper is scanned and the image projected onto a giant virtual aquarium. Kids will be able to see their creation come to life and swim with the other sea creatures!

When I saw this I knew that this was right up my youngest’s alley – the little artist.

  • A Table Where Little People LiveFutire Park - Table for Little People

In this installation, little people run around an interactive tabletop screen around which children sit or stand. They’re encouraged to interact with the little people by placing objects on the table. As each object is introduced, the movements of the little people change – they interact with the objects by jumping, climbing and sliding onto them.

  • Connecting! Block Town

Here cars and trains run along digitally projected roads and railroad tracks that are connected by physical wooden blocks. As children place different blocks on the table, more cars and trains appear to form a townscape!

  • Light-ball Orchestra

Light-ball Orchestra

Rolling a light ball changes its colour and sound. Combined, the light balls form an orchestra. The overhead ball communicates with the other balls – touch it and the surrounding balls are affected, changing the colour of the entire space!

If you follow me on social media you will have met my little boy with special needs.Now when I saw the photos of Future Parks in Cape town I was filled with excitement ultimately for this little man of mine who absolutely loves anything to do with light and music.In Fact all the toys or items we utilize in his therapies are with light or music. So I know for sure we will be spending a lot of our time in the Light Ball Orchestra Area.

For more information on this wonderful outing for both you and your children head on to their website to read up about it and see dates and pricing.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day T-Shirt Makeover

Last Minute Valentine's Day Tshirt Makeover

I hadn’t planned on posting anything for Valentines Day.Necessity intervened and voilà here is the last-minute Valentine Day T-shirt Makeover I did for civvies day at school tomorrow.

If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that my youngest is camo , army crazy at the moment.He wishes he could sleep in his army clothes he says (best I find him cute camo jammies soon lol ).The request was he didn’t want to wear the required red and white or red and black but could he please wear his camo shirt.

Mommy to the rescue!

With some need and thread I got to work and this is the outcome.Its not permanent and will be unpicked before the short goes to wash.

Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

 Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

This was the outcome and for 15 minutes of quick hand stitching im pretty pleased with it and I have a little soldier how is really pleased with his Valentines Day Civvies Outfit.

Happy Valentines , Happy Galentine’s  , Singles Appreciation Day to each and every one of you.



Natural Spider Repellent Recipe

Natural Spider Repellent

This Natural Spider Repellent recipe happened out of pure desperation.A few years ago after we had an ongoing amount of rain my little boy was bitten by a spider.

It was crazy we took him to the doctor had hi medicated and all the creams were prescribed but then my husband got bitten by a spider on his thigh. We were being INVADED!!!!! But wait then my little boy got another bite and then another bite.

By that time I had bought and used every Insect repellent (you’ve seen the back of those scary bottles its poison after poison we spraying into our homes eeeeeekkkk!)the stores had to offer.Nothing was helping,we even thought that perhaps my son was getting attacked by the spiders at school.I had to find a solution and quick.

I came across this oddly easy Spider Repellent online. It was Natural and it was easy to make.Could this be the solution?

I gave it a try and needless to say we’ve never had a spider visit since (well until..read below).When the rains come I get out my trusty bottle of Spider Repellent and spray along the window sills, the sliding doors , around the entrance door frames and all the dark nook and crannies in our home.

This December I had run out of oil and lo and behold my husband got a Spider Bite on his arm he had to have treated by the doctor it was that bad.I rushed out the same day and stocked up.

By now you asking ok ok you’ve told us how great it is but what is it?How do you make it?


Natural Spider Repellent

YOu will need:
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Water
  • Spray Bottle (By now you have seen I like to buy those small bottles from the Travel aisle at Dischem)
To make:
  1. Pour Water into spray bottle
  2. Add 8-10 drops of Peppermint Oil
  3. Close Bottle and shake
  4. Use as and when needed


My youngest is super paranoid about getting a Spider Bite, so before bed he sprays himself with the peppermint spray along with his duvet , as his bed is right against the wall where the window is.To date he has been bite free.

When my son was in the 2nd Grade their classroom was also being invaded by spiders, after the rains we had had. I made a bottle for the classroom , Im happy and relieved to say not a single child fell victim to spider bites.

Let me know if you try it out and if you as happy as I am using this Natural Spider Repellent.

Visit my Pinterest Board for more Homemade Natural Cleaners and Repellents


Homemade Shower Cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner

This has to be my most favourite homemade cleaner I have made to date.Once I tried the homemade shower cleaner  I knew I’d found “the one”.

Its fantastic.We have clear shower doors and chrome fittings and every product I tried would either leave it streaky or smelt like it was about to melt your nostril hairs it was so strong.

This is inexpensive and it works.I now keep a sponge soap dispenser in the shower so after we shower we clean the inside of the shower door  and chrome accessories and every 3rd day I clean the outside of the shower door.Now it sparkles I can see inside and out perfectly and it just makes me smile.

What you going to need
  • White Spirit Vinegar
  • Dishwashing Liquid – I absolutely love this one (see photo from @woolworths, its cheaper than the popular brand every household uses and frankly i can stand the smell.
  • Spray bottle / Sponge soap Dispenser

homemade shower cleaner

What you need to do
  1. Heat up 250mls of vinegar in the microwave for one minute
  2. Pour it into the spray bottle
  3. Then pour in 250mls of dishwashing liquard
  4. Give it a good shake and thats it!!
  5. Use when needed

As you can see the ratios to vinegar and dishwashing liquid are = parts so it doesn’t have to be 250mls of each as you might have a bigger or smaller bottle than I have.

Homemade shower cleaner

If you do make this homemade shower cleaner I’d love to hear from you.Do you absolutely love it as much as I do?


Happy Cleaning

Folding a Grocery Bag

Folding Grocery Bags

Folding a Grocery Bag – I learnt this technique from my cousin Sandra way  back when I was just a teen.With limited space every little nook and cranny counts.

Folding a Grocery Bag Video

Its quick and its easy and I’ve trained myself to do the folding as soon as I unpack my groceries.Then I grab a few before I go shopping again or its reused as a rubbish bin bag.

For the EcoWorriers , as you can see I dont have alot of plastic bags as Im slowly training myself and my family to use the reusable cloth grocery bags.( Fabric Shopper)


Natural Screen Cleaner

I love this Natural Screen Cleaner , my husband loves this Natural Screen Cleaner and if you follow this recipe I can guarantee you to will love this Natural Screen Cleaner too.

Natural Screen Cleaner

A short while ago I posted on Instagram that I have been slowly moving away from store bought chemical-filled household cleaners to homemade Natural Cleaners. A few of the followers asked if Id post  recipes.

My 1st recipe is for the 1st ever natural cleaner I ever made.This Natural Screen Spray.

What you need:
  • New Spray Bottle (I got mine from Dichem in the Travel section)
  • A bottle of Purified Water
  • A bottle of Rubbing Alcohol (Clear or Wintergreen)
To Make:

Fill bottle with 1/2 of the Purified Water and 1/2 with the Rubbing Alcohol close bottle and shake.

Natural Screen Cleaner

This is perfect to clean your tablets,smart phones ,sunglasses spec , flat screen tv’s and computer screens as its natural and streak free.I use my microfibre cloth to wipe these items clean along with my screen spray.

If you try this recipe let me know what you think.

View video here



Back to School Lunchbox Trick

Now that the kids are into their first full week of school and we back into our school routine, I’m going to share my most favourite Back to School Lunchbox trick …..how to avoid fruit from browning.

Back To School Lunch Box Trick

I shared the video on my Instagram account this morning and it’s been pretty popular.

I was and possibly still am(according to my mother lol) a #fussyeater , who remembers browned fruit 🍎 when opening their lunch boxes because I do? This awesome method keeps your apples and pears from browning

What you need:

  • cold water
  • tsp fine salt
  • optional – cutter+corer. •apples – washed

Back To School Lunch Box Trick


  • Slice the Apple/s 🍎
  • Stir x1 tsp of Salt in the water until dissolved.
  • Place apples in the salted water 💧 and go about finishing up what you need to do (3-5min)
  • Rinse the apples through fresh water
  • Place in lunchbox

Back To School Lunch Box Trick Back to school Lunchbox treats

I’ve had a piece or two of an apple come home and at 15:00 it’s still hasn’t browned.

Hope this little trick makes your life a little easier and aids in making sure your little ones eat their school lunch.

Click below to watch the video:

Back to school Lunch box treat