Favourite Finds – 4 – Marina De Buchi Freedom Bracelet


I came across this fab find over the weekend at Cardies , and I’m truly in love with my little dainty Personalised Name Bracelet.

Ideal if you looking for the prettiest little gift for your sister,mom,bff, colleague or just about any woman /girl in your life. The list of  common female names is pretty long and you’ll definitely find a name you looking for unless your name is Lushandra that is….lol!


Cardies sells them for R 150.00 and well worth the price.


I love the fact that Its so dainty I’m thinking about buying the ‘Anna” and using only the name for a necklace.

NB: Not a sponsored post.


Christmas Gift Ideas – Anthropologie Inspired Monogram Mugs


Its become rather addictive – the challenge of finding anything that I can put a name on and personalize.You’ve seen it on this blog here and here and here lol.

This was no exception. You’ve seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest. THE ANTHROPOLOGIE MONOGRAM MUG #sopretty.

78404_whi_b 29322906_901_b

You can just imagine that whatever you drink from it will be extra tasty.

Since all things Anthropologie we cant get here in SA I had to come up with solutions.

Above was my inspiration and below is how it turned out in the end.

I started playing around with my fonts and came up with this (take into account that I have no fancy Photoshop or Coral program but simply used my MS Word).I did PDF them individually when I sent them onto the printers:

Fonts Used: FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

Fonts Used:
FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

Fonts Used: FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

Fonts Used:
FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

I then contacted Mr Mugs in Jhb , they have great specials and I saved so much.


They turned out great. The teachers are really going to love them I’m sure of that.


Pics of Anthropologie Mugs from their website.


‘Tis The Season – Christmas Decor

MGFA2015-Cover-tile- Finalized Cover

Oh oh do I love this time of the year.Just between you and me, I think  I’m secretly related to Father Christmas /Papa Noel / Santa somehow.I just love what this season does to people.Even the meanest or arrogant of people soften a tad over this time of the year.People are nicer in general and I take it all in.

I also will openly admit that I love love opening presents.I love-making Christmas lists.What things I like, what to get so-and-so , the advent adventure list ,the whats for supper list, these lists go on and on.

Walking through the stores and on-line  and finding new Christmas ornaments to add to the ever-growing collection is such a thrill, here are a few of my favourites.Thought I’d show them off early so you wont be disappointed if you see something you love.

02_4101111986_SI_00 02_7109012184_SI_0002_4101111985_SI_00 02_7109012274_SI_00 02_7109012236_SI_00 02_7109012198_SI_00

Above are all from Mr Price Home – Click here to go directly to the website.The Subway art is right up my alley as is the disco ball globes.I gifted the Africa Shaped ornament to my BIL in Oz for their tree.How super sweet is Mr and Mrs Claus?

  18019558- 25.00 - @home18019593 - 110 - @home 18019512 - 169 -@home18019511 @ home18019491 - 189 - @home

These Beauties are from @Home – How sweet is the Nutcracker Soldier and that wooden Sleigh?(The perfect size for Christmas Cookies or Nuts – Click here to go direct to their website.

Christmas-Foil-Pear-6009189682360Christmas-Floral-Glitter-Heart-6009189875779  Christmas-Print-Wooden-Disc-6009189685552Christmas-Glitter-Apple-6009189683138Christmas-Glitter-Pear-6009189682179Christmas-Pattern-Heart-6009189877216

And because lets face it Woolies never disappoints (or at least in my opinion) I instantly fell in love with the Metallic Fruit decorations  and hearts.Click here to view online

tassels-157.32  tassel-22.80 tassel-271.32,jpgTassel - 111.15IMG_7881-775x550

A new find is this fab website.Tassels and Treasures I’m absolutely in love love (so in love I have to say it twice) with the reindeer place card holders .The felt cutlery holder is just so very pretty, such a great addition to any Christmas Table.

The stores are filled with something for every taste and any theme.Happy Decorating.


Personalizing my Santa Shoebox


By now you have probably realized I am obsessed with anything Personalized.

I jumped at the chance to spoil a little girl when I took my Santa Shoebox pledge. My home is filled with blues ,reds ,trucks and dinosaurs.Even our pet cat Mr Smee is male.So this is really my only opportunity to go crazy with girly stuff.

I really wanted to do something special for this child – this is what I did:


I played around with fonts on MS Word and once I was happy with it , I PDF-ed it and then sent it to the awesome team at Liqerish – Click here for their FB Page and they laser cut it for me.

She can hang it over her bed or on a cupboard door (I added extra ribbon so she can decide to hang it where ever she wants.)

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.I was going to make it a different colour but once I received it I really liked its Natural look.


Post photos of your Santa Shoeboxes on the MGFA Facebook page.

Next Year I’ve promised myself I will do a shoebox every month.So by the end of the year I’ll pledge 12 shoeboxes.

Click here if you would like to register – Santa Shoebox




Saver Series – Part 3 – Savings Challenge (S.African Version)

Click on the pic and save or print

If you go anywhere near Pinterest you have definitely come across the 52 Week Savings Challenge.

With the New Year creeping in at a fast pace (how fast has this year gone by?)there are certain things I do want to ascertain within the year of 2016.I wont call them resolutions but simply call them lifestyle changes.I love the start of any New Year with its promise of a fresh start and better things ahead so ….is this a challenge I want to take on? Most definitely! I’m the saver in the family or at least used to be until I had my children.Saving hasn’t been on my “list” in a few years and I really want to see that money grow ( What a high it will be to see that money grow every month). I have managed to set small savings goals monthly but this will definitely get me back in the savings saddle.

I rearranged and obviously changed the currency to our South African Rands (ZAR), I also added the 12 month breakdown as many of us generally get paid monthly and not weekly.

If you see the breakdown it will allow a total savings of R 14 000,00  SAVED for 2016.

When I first did the breakdown it gave me an odd number total  in the R 13 000 region, being on the cusp of O.C.D I had to had to round it off.

Anyway go through the breakdown I did – you will see by far the hardest month you will probably have will be towards the end of the year (October and November).

Hang in there November will be a tight month but if you one of the lucky ones you know the end is close and you can just see that 13th cheque/Christmas Bonus in your bank account by mid December.

If you not lucky enough to be blessed with employers who hand out Christmas Bonuses then keep at it until the end of December – what an exhilarating feeling it will be to open your bank account and see FOURTEEN THOUSAND RAND staring back at you.

Let me know if you will be joining the challenge and good luck.Whether you only save for 3 months or 6 it’s still money in your pocket well done.

Good Luck and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and savings.


My Favourite Finds – 3 – The Giant Peg


I’ve had this “find” since my birthday when I treated myself at Kamers  and my awesome SIL recently bought me another one because I love them so much.They cost R 120.00 each excl delivery Makkie’s Studio is in Menlyn (or close by)

How cute are they???? Rhetorical because I absolutely love them.

This is how I’ve put them to use – I even personalized mine with my new go to item (Vinyl stickers)


mgfagp.01   mgfagp.03

What would you use them for you ask – here are 6 things I can of?

  • Stationary Holder
  • Napkin Holder – Perfect for those outdoor meals (especially with the World Cup get-together’s and Braai day ) “Wink-Wink Nudge-Nudge”
  • Photo or Memo Holder
  • Children’s Art Display – My favourite of its uses.I personalized mine with vinyl stickers I had made with the kids names
  • Coat Hanger or bag hanger
  • Lost Socks – Ideal way to keep all those mismatched socks until you find their partners

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest:


Where can you get this GIANT PEG?

Contact the Artist:

Makkie Du Plessis

makkerrakkie@gmail.com or  083 979 6668




Paint Pots with the Woolies Pop&Plops


The boys have been eating these daily , a nice cool snack with this heat.


In my opinion a brilliant “keep” with the upcoming Summer Holidays just at our doorstep. (38 school days to go and counting)

We have collected a few and this is how I recycled them:



Also ideal for shaving foam paint holders for the bath or shower.He didn’t want to get out the shower.





Special Needs Kids – Because there is always hope and faith

My little boy is currently non-verbal and I had been told that if he hadn’t uttered a word by age 7 I might as well forget it.He started school this year and I’ve become part of a community that has opened my eyes, I’ve seen children start to talk at age 10.

They said the same about him walking and he walks today.

If there is one thing us parents have is faith and hope right? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a child with special needs, perhaps your child struggles a tad at school or sports.What do you do? You fight, you work hard with them to achieve to reach their maximum potential even when outsides say you shouldn’t bother – just give up. Parents DON’T!

I wont give up, my son will communicate with me one way or another one day. I have hope and faith and that’s enough for me today and everyday.He has shown me that time and time again.

This video uplifts me on those days when someone tries to make me lose sight of that.(Click below)

Non-verbal girl with Autism speaks through her computer

#daretodiywithanewsupply – A IHeart Organizing Challenge : Recycling Bins


My very 1st challenge.

I have a plethora or DIY’s pending but this challenge on the I Heart Organizing blog was the perfect “Challenge” I needed to get at least one of these projects finished.

I selected to turn these big bins I had bought into recycling bins.They’ve been in my tiny walk in closest for the last 3 months taking up much needed space so this was the prefect opportunity.


Its taken this long as I couldn’t decide on how to do the wording for the front of each over.

Wording: Paper , Glass and Plastic

I couldn’t find the right font or color stickers at my local DIY store so I opted to make the labels out of Vinyl.

I wanted pretty vinyl labels for the front – I figured as this was a project that would be kept outdoors I needed lettering that could withstand any weather.I don’t have a Silhouette Cameo (YET) and I’ve never worked with vinyls so I got hold of my printer and he had them cut up for me after I worked on my font,wording and color for the bins.

plastic Paper glass

Then it was an easy assembly onto the lids of the bins.

mgfabins.01     mgfabins.02

I kept the bins off the floor using an old side-table I had.


What you will need:

  • x3 Stacking bins of your choice
  • Lettering for the lids  – if you have a Silhouette your life just got easier but if you like me and you hoping Santa will bring you one try find a printer close to you that offers vinyl printing and cutting for you or go the easy route and just but letter stickers at your local craft store

I’m thrilled with how they turned out.



Happy Recycling


My 1st Pet – SILKWORMS


Following the aftermath of the Pick n Pay Stikeez craze  arrived the wave of “Silkworm Season”

We all had them when we were younger right and for me its been a Nostalgic trip down memory lane?

We were on the hunt for this little fellas and managed to get them at our local pet shop for only R 1.00 each.Its been such an education for the kids, myself included.For instance I really didn’t know that the females are solid and the males are the ones with the stripes #alwayslearning


I asked the 1st grade teacher if we could have them be the class pet/s , I would supply the habitat and food daily and its been such an awesome experience for the kids in the class who get a turn to look after the 8 silkworms.On the weekends they come home and back to school on Monday – they also came home for Spring Break and one of them spun their cocoon on Friday.The school my son attends doesn’t allow them to sell silkworms on the premises – do you remember what your 1st and 2nd breaks were like during the Silkworm season?

How cute is this little box from Westpak?

How cute is this little box from Westpak?

Its got me thinking:

This is the perfect 1st pet for the child who has been begging for that cute puppy or little kitten.

Why you ask?

  1. You can have one silkworm or many – Id say 6 max
  2. They not crazy expensive @ R 1.00 a silkworm
  3. They small enough to fit in a shoe box you have at home(check out our inexpensive little ‘Penthouse” it cost us R 15.00 from Westpak)
  4. The food is free (Mulberry leaves grow practically everywhere in our country and you bound to have a neighbor who wont mind you dropping by once a week to “prune” their tree.
  5. The box they housed in has to be cleaned depending on how many you have – we have 8 and we clean it every 2-3 days.This decreases as they cocoon.
  6. They eat and eat and then they spin their cocoons and you wait – there’s no more feeding them but checking once the moth comes out to lay its eggs.Then its simply cleaning out the box of the dead moths and you leave the eggs in the box until next season.(I suggest you put a reminder on you phone for the 1st of Sept as I was told they start to hatch once the 1st leaves on the Mulberry bush arrive so you def have to keep an eye on this).

So simple but in my opinion teaches your child to responsibly take care of a pet by cleaning after them and feeding them and  good way for you to see if your child or kids are ready for the responsibility of fur-family.

Click her to  read ” About and Caring for Silkworms

Interesting video on how silk is made – Making silk

Have a fab week