This Easter, bake up a storm and WIN!

I’ve had my little chefs in the kitchen with me since they were 18 months old.We will be spending the afternoon baking ,ready to submit our entry for this Easter Win.

Good Luck!

Happy Easter and God Bless

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SPAR – Real Deals,Real Savings a fantastic E-Magazine!


I’ve been itching to share my latest find with you all.

The SPAR Savour magazine.

A Digital Magazine beautifully layed out, with fantastic contributors for each edition, this magazine is interactive and will have you wanting to turn the pages in anticipation for what will come next.


After you go through  April’s edition click below for past issues


No Oven Cookies

These are the nicest and quickest cookies to make.
I first tasted these at the home of our dear family friends and devoured them.
Sue was nice enough to share the recipe with me.
We will be celebrating Easter away and I know the self catering establishment we staying in does not have an oven.
There are certain things you want on your Easter table and that’s nice desserts!
All I’ll be taking with me is my trusty Snackwich maker / Doughnut maker / Waffle Iron / Cupcake maker

4f6ff7202b6fa-full sunbeam+cake+maker-full salton1-fullSDM-637-600x600

This is a sweet snack made in minutes the recipe quick and easy.
Sue’s recipe asks to be baked in a Snackwich machine.However with ll these new makers around – you can decide what shape or size you want your cookie to be.
IMG_4551.0  IMG_4550.0
 Click on recipe below:
No oven cookies

Easy Meal – Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse

photo 4.0

Most countries I know have some form of “sausage”The Portuguese  and Spanish have chouriço (Portuguese) or  Chorizo (Spanish), the Brits have their Pork Sausage and the South Africans have  Boerewors.

The most traditional ways of eating Boerewors is at a barbeque (Braai).

My family and I have come across the most amazing Boerewors (especially if you have European lineage or really love garlic)  – Its in  “Little Mozambique” (What I call the area ) of Turffontein in JHB (down the road from the race course) , worth the drive – you and your family/guests will fall in love with this Boerewors (FYI this post isn’t sponsored by the butchery I just feel their Boerewors recipe is ama- zing!)

Lusa Butchery,28.038826,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x57cd1367e68fef43?hl=en

From time to time its nice to have the taste of Boerewors without the Braai (barbeque) especially during the week when you don’t have the time to wait for hot coals or gas, that’s when I make my Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse.

This is an ideal meal for the South Africans living overseas and wanting a taste of back home.

 photo 1.0

I call it my easy mid-week meal because it simply is!

Click on Recipe Below



DIY Gift for Children (Great for Fine Motor Skills) – Incl Free Pattern Cards



My little man brought home a Geo-board from school so we could up his fine motor skills….its amazing that in just a few days I’ve noticed improvement in both the Fine Motor Skills and Cognitive Skills.

It prompted me to make one for home…I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

I went to my closest Building Supply store to get what I needed  – I had to buy a whole board and had it cut to size.The board was so big  I managed to have 8 squares and still have two massive size boards left over(Going to be used for a project I’m working in for the boys bedroom). This means I have 8 Pegboards I can make for the kids in our family.All the kids in our family ages range within months of each other so I’m pretty lucky that the Geoboard games are all same-age appropriate.

What I needed:

  • Pegboard – cut in a square ( your local Building Supply store can assist you with cutting them to the size you want – Builders Warehouse does this)
  • Nuts and bolts – I did mine 8 x 8 so I needed 64 Nuts and Bolts per board + x4 I used to give the board little legs (see pics below)
  • Rubber Bands or Colourful Hair Bands – I got a box of Rubber Bands from Westpack (Pick N Pay and Checkers also sell them)
  • White Spray Paint Primer (hardware store)
  • Bottle of Spray Paint – your choice – I painted mine yellow (Hardware store /Pick n Pay/ Checkers)
  • Cardboard – for the pattern cards

What I did:

  • Wipe pegboard with a damp cloth
  • Spray white primer onto the smooth side of the pegboard – allow to dry
  • Spray paint your colour of choice – allow to dry
  • Begin to place all the bolts and follow with the nuts
  • I printed all the pattern cards and had them cut and laminated (longer lasting)

image3.1.0image1.1.0  10156110_10152222154515753_1437314789_n.0

Building the Geoboard was great exercise for my little boy as he helped screw in the nuts and bolts.



PegBoard Pic

Pattern Cards for GeoBoard

The alternative to the GeoBoard is the PegBoard and Pegs.

I found a packet of Plastic Pegs (see photo attached) at Westpack for R 25.00

So no nuts and bolts – just a good spray paint and you ready to go!





Fab Finds – Winter 2014

I Love London weather.So much so that my wish list this season includes a pair of Red Hunter Boots.Whilst my Capetonians friends are lucky enough to put their Wellies to use with their wet Winter , Joburg tends to be cold and dry, however with all the rain we have had in the last 2 weeks I came across these fab Wellies for kids from Woolies for R 199.99.

Great fun to keep them busy indoors and then let them go out and SPLASH in the rain puddles.This would be a great gift alternative to Easter Chocolates.


For the  moms – whatever your taste, a pair of Hunter Boots will look fab for those Winter walks in the veld or a picnic with the family.


These are the ones on my list , I believe a special edition so I can live with the plain red Hunters.

Rain BootsPlog-03-01-14-33701-358x500 b0375f10d55f64dbe31dd5eb9857502d 944e002dd0f79bc8fe2d8a78a8e2d999 7ab9b1eed07ba0a550ecc3785b4be643

132  89926e86a0463f1ce3ed1e5ca49979a128

Pics courtesy of:

Putting Socks on:The Easy way (Great for teaching Toddlers)

Snapshot 1 (2014-03-19 04-48 PM).

Wouldn’t it be great to save a few minutes during dress time in the mornings?…..Well anytime actually.

Like most households with kids – Mornings can be crazy!

I had to come up with a way to teach both my boys an easy and quick way to put on their socks as the old conventional way was to slow and complicated for little fingers.

I learnt this method in high school from my best-friend’s family (Thank you Lourinho’s) but never really used it until now and I’m so glad I do.

Watch the video and see how easy it is get the kids to put on their OWN socks!

How do I fold the socks so they are ready to be worn?……See video Below:


Parents magazine gets a massive high five!


I am always on the website   – a Well of parenting information.

So I was thrilled to see the review done by ,click on link below

Parents magazine makes special needs history.

This is my BIG thank you to Parents Magazine for making it known that children with barriers are gorgeous kids too.

Thank you for thinking about the parents who have children with barriers.

Scroll below for a few example of the Toy Suggestions on their site for Children with Barriers.

ss_101246482 ss_102002502 ss_102002504 ss_102002506 ss_102002510 ss_102002520 ss_102002523 ss_102002534 ss_102002535

My little boy reacts well to toys that have lights and, or sound .

We have a few of the toys above that we utilize daily and like children without barriers who learn through play so do children with barriers.


This is my beautiful Luca at Occupational Therapy(SI) in the Spandex Cocoon – That is the face of pure contentment and relaxation…He loves it!

For us moms in South Africa subscribe to the Parents Magazine Digital Edition –



Easter 2014 – Free Printables

photo e4.0

We live in the Southern hemisphere which means whilst my friends up North are welcoming the warmer months we are saying good-bye.So the Easter Spring Time themed tables and collections don’t really apply to us.
I didn’t want to do Autumn colours just yet.Thats when I came up with what I think is pretty universal ….so to speak…Neons!

How gorgeous are the NEON cupcakes – available at Pick N Pay stores??????

photo e2.0photo e3.0

I love them

I created Gift Tags as well as Cupcake Toppers

Easter 2014 TagsEaster 2014 Cupcakes

Easter 2014 Tags  and Easter 2014 Cupcakes Toppers

Pink Subway Yellow Subway 2014 Green Subway

 Easter Subway 2014 – YELLOW , Easter Subway 2014 – Pink  , Easter Subway 2014 – GREEN



SOY LITES – New Website – Shop Online

I absolutely love Soy Lites.I love their products so much that the 1st giveaway on the blog was Soy Lite products.So I’m honoured to share their new on-line website with you.

With Easter around the corner these any of these products would make beautiful gifts for teachers, grandparents , family and friends.



Launch Special*

Buy any SoyLites product and receive a FREE surprise gift.

T’s & C’s apply. Prices are for South African retail only and all include VAT.
* Special valid for month of March