Wimpy – Best toys with Kids Meals


My vote is in.

Wimpy gives the best toys with their kids meals.From the food franchises we frequent when we do have a take away or a sit down family dinner its my opinion that trusted family favourite Wimpy hands out the best toys with their meals hands down.


Just take the above mentioned Back-to-School sets for eamply. We collect them every year.When the boys were smaller it’s what I carried in the nappy bag to keep them quite¬† when visiting friends or at a grown up restaurant.

Our school doesn’t allow the kids to bring their pencil case so it’s our stationary set at home.

This year each time there is a new trend of toys to go with their meals I’ll send you the whole current set of toys that come with the Wimpy Meal , that’s how fab I think they are.(Wimpy Meal not included)

I can’t wait to see what’s next.


One thought on “Wimpy – Best toys with Kids Meals

  1. laurakim says:

    Wimpys toys are really nice. We stopped at a Maxis when we drove to Cape Town and they gave the kids 4 chalkboard labels in the shape on different animals which I thought was cute

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