Whats in my Closet – DAY 27 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


whats in my closet

My closet – I can actually call it that its the tiniest off walk-ins and probably the only or at least the main reason why I pushed for this apartment/flat more than the others we had seen.I had vision for this tiny walk-in.

Fast forward 9 years and thats all it still is – a vision.We ripped out all the old cupboard carcass and plastered it and painted it to match the bedroom and thats where its been left.A long rail was put up to hang my clothing and thats basically my closest in a nutshell.

No pretty Shoe Shelf.

No pretty pull out trouser rail

No pretty Bag display

Right now its home to seasonal items such as my gas heater, the suitcases, the massive beach towels and bedding for the rooms.Piled in one corner on a makeshift shelf.

The little corner alcoveĀ  has a little 3 drawer wicker unit that houses undergarments and the last drawer medicines and stuff.On top of that isĀ  my winter duvet (in a clean bag) and on top of that my handbags.

My pretty shoes live under my bed.

So its not the dream closet I had wished for but thats about to change.

Over the next few weeks the closet will under go transformation on a budget but I will get it to resemble close to what I have always wanted to achieve in this space.

Its my first DIY project and you’ll be along for the ride.

Keep visiting the blog in Feb to watch the Closet Series in the weeks to follow.



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