What Attracts Me to my Loved One – DAY 24 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


what attracts me to my loved one

I met my husband when I was in college and well definitely wasn’t looking for love.I was more interested in time spent with my friends having fun and enjoying college life.

We got married pretty young and I can definitely admit that i was clueless as to what being married was all about.

Like all couples we had our ups and downs, our financial difficulties and challenges but one step at a time we would waver past them.Our biggest marriage challenge to date has been the birth of our oldest son.So many marriages fall apart when a special needs child is born , there have been pretty tough days but we’ve seemed to rise above them and stick together.It wasn’t easy to adjust to having a baby as we had been on our own for more years then usual as we (by we I mean I) took our time to have children.We laugh now because we really cant recall time before we had our boys.What did we do with our time?

When we first started dating what attracted me most about him was his voice, we would spend every night falling asleep talking – it was my favourite part of my day because at the time our home had doubled with people and there wasn’t much time to really get to know each other besides those late night chats.I fell in love with that voice and to date still love to hear his voice.#amazingphonevoice.

His arms – how I love being held by those arms – a perfect fit we always say.The warmth of his lips,I just love being kissed by those lips.


We were so young when we started our relationship and we have been through so much – practically grown up together so to speak.I love our life and our little family.My husband and my children complete me in every sense.


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