Two Minute Noodles (Without The Scary Ingredients)

You’ve come across the stories on social media.Two Minute noodles are not a healthy option for anyone let alone kids.
Its holiday time so not only are you having to entertain ,spend time with and run around to play-dates for your kids , you also have to think about being clever with your left overs or make new meals for lunch for your children (and friends).

Two Minute Noodles

Who remembers when two minute noodles came out? My brother and I were in high school and it was the best lunch to make when we got home, quick and easy, my mom used to buy those by the trolley load.If you ever looked at the ingredients on the packet of two minute noodles and all the “e-numbers” they have it will definitely make you think twice and put them back on the shelf.I have to admit still buying them even after I learn’t about E-Numbers and only fed the boys the noodles.Then I came across the information that the noodles were just as bad so its probably 2-3 years since I haven’t bought.

two minute noodles

In saying that I also know parents need a easy and quick meal to make for their kiddos – its not like they eat noodles everyday.

Enter the new Egg Noodles from Woolworths.All natural ingredients and you can get clever with the stocks and additionals you add to the noodles.

I simply added a teaspoon of Dehydrated Chicken Stock to mine for flavour , cooked it in boiling water for two minutes and that was lunch with our Woolworths Crumbed Chicken Breast.

two minute noodles

See moms – they still super quick but without the scary ingredients.

A few more ideas:

  • Add x1 tbs of dehydrated beef stock – for a beefy flavour
  • Add 2tbs of frozen peas and carrots
  • Boil and add to your leftovers for flavour
  • Boil and drain – add x1 tbs of melted butter and sprinkle with garlic powder
  • Boil ,drain and allow to cool – add to your salad
  • Boil,drain and add to your stir fry

Enjoy –¬† if you try them let me know what great ideas you came up with.


Soup Series – Alphabet Chicken Soup

Continuing with our Soup Series , by far the staple and most favourite of favourites is the good old fashioned Alphabet Chicken Soup anytime , it’s not just when we sick that this bowl of comfort food is served.

I make ours with one free range chicken breast,carrots and an onion and the favourite ingredient is definitely the Alphabet Pasta that’s used in the soup.This soup is always made when one of us is not feeling to great, my little boys expect it without fail but it’s also a any-day-of-the-week kind of soup, I either make it for afterschool lunch or a starter soup before supper.

I remember as a child lifting my spoon and scanning through the letters trying to scramble them to form a word before it went into my mouth.Oddly I still find myself doing this even now.My little boy eats his and try’s to scramble the names of everyone in our family before the spoon goes into his mouth.

I have gotten a little more adventurous and grated rainbow carrots just to add a little more fun and colour to our soup, but then without thinking I liquidized the whole thing ūüôĀ .

Once again soups are pretty easy to make.

I use one free range chicken breasr (with the skin).Boil chicken pieces in salty water (water and one tsp salt) until well cooked along with one large onion and a tablespoon of crushed garlic , add one large carrot sliced or grated (optional).Once the chicken breast  is cooked remove from the broth onto a soup plate and let it stand.Add a cube of Knoor Chicken Stock to the broth and simmer,stirring every now and again.This is the time to add the tiny pasta such as the ABC pasta or the little stars Рup to you but it has to be the small pastas.Cook until the pasta is soft.In the mean time shred the chicken and add to the soup.

Thats it!Serve hot and enjoy.

bon appétit



Safety When Shopping – Perfect for Moms

mgfasafetybag- cover

Lets face it – Moms are BIG-RED-TARGETS for thieves.We busy trying to juggle everything from the kids,the shopping list,maneuvering the isles with prams/trollies you name it we doing it.

Back when I was a “Rookie” mom on the rare occasion (I’m not kidding it was rare because it was just so much¬† work to get one tiny baby out along with the equipment that goes with the little tike)I recall a morning when I decided I had to get out the house,I got all dressed up,double breast padded the ladies , dressed into my Post-maternity gear and off I went.Th e whole trip consistent of only entering 3 stores in 3 hours.In between there was a feeding,burping and nap along with a massive number two that required all clothing to be changed.

Anyway those trips where rare – however it didn’t stop me from being the target of a thief.This cow of a thief (I remember her coming very close to my baby , to my pram – mama lioness was not happy.She took the opportunity when my son started to cry and I went from the back of the pram (where all moms hang said nappybag) to the front to comfort my sweet sweet little angel.I walked back and the bag was still swinging back and fourth.The cow had stolen my cellphone.

These days I’m a lot more Ninga-Lioness-Mom , I’m ready come near me and I’m going to break your nose along with some teeth.The things I carry around with me I’ve worked bloody hard for them and I’ll be damned if you going to take them.

On two separate occasions I’ve almost been the victim but turned things around.Once at Zara this cow tried to go for the pram and the Blackberry I had between the shading thingy of the pram.She took it but slipped it into some clothing in the store.I left hubby with the boys and ringing my cellphone as I grabbed the cow as she was making her way to the exit.My nail imprints left a good scar but that’s about it and it at least it ended positively without me having to get another phone.

Second occasion was at Makro – once again bag dangling the managed to open the flap of the bag but didn’t have the time to unzip it.A+ for trying because these bastards (two males) began following us.My husband was going off at me that I was paranoid and how can I do this and that.Next thing he kept quite – he realized they were following us.I walked to the toy aisle and ambushed them.Blocking the one with our trolley and myself screaming “SECURITY SECURITY”at the time of my lungs.Bastard number one ran but the guy in front of me was in a panic when I looked away for a second to tell hubby to get security he made a road runner dash right out of there never to be seen again.

These days my 1st stop at Makro is the sporting goods section I kid you not I walk around with a baseball bat.I refuse to be a victim any longer.

We all recall this video doing its rounds a few months back right?Click on Pic to take you to the video.This made my blood boil how easy they took her cellphone.


So what precautions do I take? They might not be ninja perfect but I like to feel like I’ve taken the precaution and the steps in the right direction.Like many of you I’m a busy mom to two little boys.I need my hands free to select the items we need and still push a trolley so I carry a plain black crossbody bag.(I got mine from Woolworths).

There are steps I take before I get out the car (oh and FYI my bag does not leave my person for anything even when I’m driving).

My bag is always facing the wrong way – bag pockets and zips always tend to be in the front so I put these facing my tummy.


Cellphone is always on high with the flashing light (Quick find in that dark bag) and is always always in the ZIPPED closed area of my bag.

The ZIPPER PULL is always slipped in between the strap fastening – you want to steal from me I’m going to make you work for it!



My bag is always in the front and not to the side or the back.

Most of all – be on the look-out at all times.

The above are the precautions I take – the precautions that make me feel safer or at least feel like I’ve made it harder for a perpetrator to make me their next victim.

What steps do you take?Share with us via the comments

Be safe and enjoy



DAY 12 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my 10 favourite foods

I’m what my mom calls a fussy eater.I’m a self confessed snack-er.

  • Woolworths Biltong Sticks – I buy a big bag once a month when I get paid its my treat.


  • Woolworths Baby Carrots…oh who am I kidding any carrots.I eat them raw they so sweet,I buy the special buy 3 save R10.00.I make sure I carry one in my bag so we can snack on them during the after-school rush.


  • Carne de Porco a Portuguesa (Port Fillet and Chips Dish. A family favourite it was an adaptation from the¬† Carne de Porco √† Alentejana (this dish includes Seafood)and since hubby could die if any crayfish touches his lips we do the non-seafood version.


  • My mom’s grilled prawns top the Prawn list but I love the prawns from Pararinha, Adega or Ocean Basket.
  • Carne Estufada – Similar to a Beef Pot Roast – correct me if I’m wrong.After years of making this I think Ive gotten to my grans and moms caliber, This is a dish I make Bi-Weekly and a firm favourite with either spaghetti or white rice.Theres a lot of gravy so its wonderful to dip your fresh roll and even better when you have left over because its super great for beef rolls the next day. #mouthsalivatingrightnow. When we lived in London it was the one true meal I missed from Home.Hubby and my Brother in law attempted to make it for my birthday the one time because they knew I missed it so much.
  • A plain Toasted Ham – i have never been big on burgers , I seriously don’t understand this new burger trend.I’m plain and simple give me a toasted ham any day.Even better is a toasted ham made in a Snackwich machine because the corners and that middle piece crisp the ham.
  • Spaghetti Boerre(Wors)Nyse – I made this out of yearning, yearning for warmer days a few Winters ago.I still got the Summery flavour of Boerewors without having to braai in the cold plus the added bonus,¬† its super easy to make.Its one of my most visited blog posts to date.

    Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse

    photo 4.0


  • Any Portuguese kid growing up in an authentic Portuguese home will have this one on their list.A garlicy-wine marinated Steak, Chips and Egg.We used to have this at least once a week¬† when I was little.I don’t make it to often at home with chips as my little man finds it difficult to swallow crispy fries so I alternate with rice or in Winter with comfort food favourite mashed potato.


  • Mafia-Tarte this is the next thing I wan tot put up on the Vlog.Its a Sunday Lunch sort of dish.My mom got the recipe when we went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Germany and its been a staple favourite in our family.I have changed the recipe slightly so its not as rich and is adaptable for my family to have for supper during the week.Ideal to eat with brown or white rice.Sunday lunch the Creamy Potatoes are a must.
  • A Chicken Curry or Butter Chicken



DAY 9 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


whats in my bag

Bags I love them.I got my 1st official bag just after I turned 21.My best friend and I were on our way to London and Portugal by ourselves.Before that I’d just hand over¬† my cellphone, cash and lipbalm to my boyfriend to put in his pockets (ahhh good times my walking handbag now husband lol).I remember fighting with my mom i really didn’t want the bag,throughout or holiday I carried that army green bag everywhere, it annoyed my bff.Well that was it I was hooked after that, the walking handbag was most relieved.

What do I carry these day in my handbag?

I bought it at Woolworths for R250.00 for a few reasons:


R250.00 from Woolworths

  • Its a Cross-body Bag – this is great for hands free.You need that when you shopping with two kids.
  • Its about 28cm High and 24cm wide which makes it a perfect bag to hold a IPAD Mini (we working on communication with our little man via a few speech therapy apps so it goes with us everywhere.When we not using it my other little guy plays in the car with it.) So to avoid leaving it in the car I needed a bag big enough to carry the IPAD.


Lets work clockwise shell we:

  • My Loyalty Cards – I started this a while ago when my purse was bursting at the seams because of all the loyalty cards.Let face it there’s almost one for every store we frequent now isn’t there? I came across the idea on PINTEREST. Its a great way to keep all the loyalty cards together.I do however see some of the tellers find it difficult to swipe with all the other cards attached.After hunting for one for ages now Ive just ordered this Card Holder below in bright pink.

Card Case card holder inside

  • Business Cards – I love these cards.
  • New Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers lying loose in my bag patiently awaiting the new Card Holder.
  • Money and ATM Cards and some receipts- I stopped using a purse right after I was held up at gunpoint and decided not to walk around with cash.I got pretty used to it now but the cash has returned as there were a few times I’d be stranded in some card park without change so now I always make sure I have a few coins and notes in my bag.
  • My phone – I don’t have a fab pretty designer cover¬† on it.Its a plain clear silicone cover.I haven’t come across one I really cant live without and is durable with the boys.Noooo wait I lie I have seen one – well it BRIEFLY caught my eye that is.Its a Swarovski Smartphone Cover.


  • Pens, Theres my Parker Pen ( my new treasured Pink Parker I take it with me everywhere) , A mini 5-1 Colour Pen for my Reading-Mom Days.A Black marker (I’m not sure why that’s in my bag or when it got there).
  • Sticky Divider Post its – I use this in the office and sometimes I stick reminders on my phone if I need something at the store or I need a reminder of sorts.
  • Lipbalm – L’occitane Lip Balm


  • Sweets and Wipes from Ocean Basket
  • Waterproof Mascara – Clinique
  • Ziploc Bag with Wetwipes and 1 Huggies Gold Nappy.These days we prefer to carry light especially if its a quick outing to the mall and with Little Man working on getting Potty Trained (Dear Lord let this be the year) its not necessary to lug around a massive Backpack or previously known as our Nappy Bag.

So that’s it plain and simple.

‘Tis The Season – Christmas Decor

MGFA2015-Cover-tile- Finalized Cover

Oh oh do I love this time of the year.Just between you and me, I think¬† I’m secretly related to Father Christmas /Papa Noel / Santa somehow.I just love what this season does to people.Even the meanest or arrogant of people soften a tad over this time of the year.People are nicer in general and I take it all in.

I also will openly admit that I love love opening presents.I love-making Christmas lists.What things I like, what to get so-and-so , the advent adventure list ,the whats for supper list, these lists go on and on.

Walking through the stores and on-line¬† and finding new Christmas ornaments to add to the ever-growing collection is such a thrill, here are a few of my favourites.Thought I’d show them off early so you wont be disappointed if you see something you love.

02_4101111986_SI_00 02_7109012184_SI_0002_4101111985_SI_00 02_7109012274_SI_00 02_7109012236_SI_00 02_7109012198_SI_00

Above are all from Mr Price Home – Click here to go directly to the website.The Subway art is right up my alley as is the disco ball globes.I gifted the Africa Shaped ornament to my BIL in Oz for their tree.How super sweet is Mr and Mrs Claus?

  18019558- 25.00 - @home18019593 - 110 - @home 18019512 - 169 -@home18019511 @ home18019491 - 189 - @home

These Beauties are from @Home – How sweet is the Nutcracker Soldier and that wooden Sleigh?(The perfect size for Christmas Cookies or Nuts – Click here to go direct to their website.

Christmas-Foil-Pear-6009189682360Christmas-Floral-Glitter-Heart-6009189875779  Christmas-Print-Wooden-Disc-6009189685552Christmas-Glitter-Apple-6009189683138Christmas-Glitter-Pear-6009189682179Christmas-Pattern-Heart-6009189877216

And because lets face it Woolies never disappoints (or at least in my opinion) I instantly fell in love with the Metallic Fruit decorations  and hearts.Click here to view online

tassels-157.32  tassel-22.80 tassel-271.32,jpgTassel - 111.15IMG_7881-775x550

A new find is this fab website.Tassels and Treasures I’m absolutely in love love (so in love I have to say it twice) with the reindeer place card holders .The felt cutlery holder is just so very pretty, such a great addition to any Christmas Table.

The stores are filled with something for every taste and any theme.Happy Decorating.


Paint Pots with the Woolies Pop&Plops


The boys have been eating these daily , a nice cool snack with this heat.


In my opinion a brilliant “keep” with the upcoming Summer Holidays just at our doorstep. (38 school days to go and counting)

We have collected a few and this is how I recycled them:



Also ideal for shaving foam paint holders for the bath or shower.He didn’t want to get out the shower.





Braai Day/ Heritage day / S.A Day Outfit – What to wear

Much like the 4th of July in the States or Australia Day down-under we celebrate our South African Heritage to the fullest.

Many will be outdoors soaking up our amazing weather with family and friends.

What to wear?Something relaxing yet patriotic lol!


The shirts come in white – LEKKER , HOWZIT and EISH

FYI – Lekker shirt was from Mr Price via – I’ll re-post as soon as I get the one from the T-shirt Company.

Have a fantastic Long Weekend


My Valentines Day favourites at Woolworths



Yup its commercialized , yup red roses cost a crazy bundle but I still love it.

As a mom I’ve come to realized that these little silly days form part of teaching.Valentines Day turns into teaching a child about thinking of someone else they care about, that they love.Teaching them that V-day is a special day but you can make someone feels special any day of the year.

Have you ever wondered why you get the gifts you do from your partner?

I have – we were brought up in a home where my dad spoiled my mom with jewellery and her favourite -perfumes , when it came to gift giving.

Do you think children learn this from their parents?

I do?

What does my brother primarily spoil my lovely Sis-in-law to be with when it comes to gifts???……..Jewellery and Perfume

What does my husband and brother-in-law usually spoil their partners with?……….Flowers

I want to raise sons that are considerate and thoughtful towards their partners everyday even on such a mundane day as Valentines Day.

Woolworths is my favourite one stop Valentines Day Shop

Below are a few of my favourite V-day goodies ideal to spoil your loved ones,friends,work colleagues/staff and even to send to school for the kids in your childs class.

Glitter-Travel-Mug-6009184530710.R89.95jpg.1    Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Lolly-30g-6009182229173 R10..95.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Hearts-390g-6009182229678R99.95.1Metallic-Heart-Bowl-6009184984414R55.00.1Metallic-Heart-Mug-6009184984421R49.00.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Card-6009184531823R9.95Cherry-Flavoured-Heart-Lollies-520g-6009184530680R99.95.1

Get them early so you not rushing around on the day.



 Footnote: the Beautiful Cover for this blog post is from Giggle

I love looking it at it – it makes me happy #sopretty

2015 Back 2 School favourites


My other favourite time of the year  Рschool supply time!

With the boys starting 1st Grade it was compulsory for us parents to purchase the school supply box with all contents direct from the school – so it wasn’t much fun.

However I still get the opportunity to scour the stationary isles for book covers and homework supplies (yayness!!!!)

I’m drawing inspiration from bright NEON colours to (personalize their book covers……I’ll let you know how that goes however there are so many pretty cool items I just had to share with you.

Now back when I was at school and we were finally allowed to cover our books in whatever colour we wanted I always went for matching items – so from book covers to stationary it all matched…I loved it and still do.

Lets start off with the backpacks:

I came across these at Mr Price and Pick n Pay

  PNP backpacks 2

  01_1725510074_SI_11 R79.9901_2727810069_SI_08 R99.9901_2727810044_SI_11 R99.99

01_6722810013_SI_08 R89.9901_2727810054_SI_00 - R99.99  01_1725510058_SI_00 R89.99

Colourful Book Covers

Pnp matching stationary PNP matching statioinary 2

¬†No stationary shopping trip is complete without a visit to my favourite of favourites……TYPO!!

Typo6.1 Typo2.1 Typo 4.1


typo9.1 typo11.1 typo8.1

typo10.1 typo12.1

and lets not forget the store I visit daily …Woolworths