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my thoughts on education

Ahhh one of my favourtire subjects.

When my son started school last year one of the things the principal said has been embedded in my brain.Primary Education is the forgotten child of Education.Year after year we sit with bated breath waiting for the 12th Grade(Matric) results. We never see how well the lower grades do.Yet without this very foundation those Matric marks would not be achieved.

It’s with a good foundation that students go on to be better students in higher grades.

I had the choice to put my son in a Grade R (0) in a formal schooling environment but made the decision not to and I am so very happy with my decision.

Children need to be children for as long as possible and not in a rigid school type environment.My son went to an awesome nursery school where the Grade R is of such high standards that any school will welcome them in Grade One.

If I look back at my own Foundation Phase I can see that too much emphasis was spent wanting me to be right-handed and not allow me to be what God naturally wanted me to be….a lefty.My 2nd Grade was all about having me write with my right hand instead of with my left.My 3rd Grade had me put in the nightmare of a teacher (Ms Lief or Leaf – this woman was so horrid why she ever became a teacher was beyond me and to this day Id still like to give her a backhand or several.She would shake you like a rattle – grab you by the shoulders and shake you back and forth with such force.She tore the earring of a little girl from grabbing pulling her ear so hard – the more I talk of this woman the more I feel she should be found.She should send an open letter to all her old students with a massive apology)She told my mom I had special needs, they had me tested and made to feel like I was stupid.I actually have an above average IQ but I was always so bloody lazy (I’m making up for that now).

Our principal said that primary school is not just the teacher and the student.Its not a place you drop off your child in Grade One shake hands with the educator and pick your kids up in the 7th Grade when they off to High School.I fully agree with him 100%

Primary School Education is triangular – Student – Teacher – Parent.

When your child’s teacher calls you  in because she feels there is an issue that needs addressing I find it terrible that parents get all defensive. If a child needs a few Occupational Therapy appointments or speech therapy appointments this int because the teacher doesn’t have time to sit and address the issue (step back and think for a bit….how did she come to this conclusion? She didn’t thumb suck it, she actually spent time with your child often enough to finally take the decision to address the issue with you.)Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy are not for “Special Needs Kids” they are for every child.

I often hear people say…..Good Gosh we didn’t have any therapy when we were at school and we turned out just fine.Yes perhaps you did turn out fine but perhaps you would have gotten to the “destination” a lot easier had it been for these tools provided.

Bottom line.When your children are in Grades R ,1,2,3 which we call the Foundation Phase take the time to really be part of their education, take the time to read to them and have them read to you, take the time to do daily maths with them (when cutting your pizza , if I cut it in the middle how  many pieces do I have (2) and what is this called? Half, etc.There is so much that you can do with out it coming from a text-book or in the form of a worksheet. Remember children learn through play.

Support Tekkie Tax Day – 29.05.2015


This is such an awesome initiative.

The kids at the school will all be sporting their “Tekkie Tax” laces.

 Sticker_D Sticker_B Sticker_A Sticker_E


Who will benefit?

Running a fundraising campaign is expensive, labour intensive and holds a lot of risk factors for the organisation organising it. In Tekkie Tax, a mix of the most accountable welfare organisations joined forces to do one very big campaign where you can choose whom YOU want to benefit from your donation. This is saving a lot of money and create a platform for organisations that normally do not have the infrastructure to engage in this model of fundraising.

Donating some of your hard-earned cash to a worthy cause can be a road full of potholes. Not all welfare organisations render an accountable service, and you need to make sure that you are supporting a trustworthy campaign!

By supporting the beneficiaries of Tekkie Tax, you can rest assure that they have been hand-picked, personally visited and all their credentials from shoe size to preferred toothbrush have been verified. So, in short – your donations will be treated with the highest respect and will be used to make life a better place: for people, animals and the environment! Whichever one you choose.


Yes, there are overlapping in the services that our organisations render. Like disability organisations, which are most often also involved in education and do extensive work with children. However, we have taken the main focus of the organisation and categorised them as such.

All our beneficiary organisations render a service in South Africa.

Do not feel that you should (or have to) support only one of these sectors. You can choose to get a sticker for each one that touches your heart.

Head to your nearest Toys R Us and purchase a sticker.

Content from the Tekkie Tax website.

Check out the Instagram account to view how we sported our Laces this morning


The Slantboard – Our New Favourite Item

I always seek the advice from the wonderful team (as in Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist ,Speech Therapist and at times even our Paed) that surrounds my child when it comes to birthday/Christmas gifts etc.Like most parents I prefer to get him something that can better his therapies or where its at right now in terms of his development.An added bonus is when both boys benefit from said aid.

This applies for our new item……. a Slant board.

What is a Slant board?

It’s a 22 Degree Angle Board designed to Facilitate reading and writing development The Slant Board is designed to provide the ideal working surface.


The Slant Board puts your reading surface at the optimal 22 degree angle while its two collapsible legs make it portable and discrete. The folding legs will lock in the extended position making it very stable then fold flat for compact storage. The Visual Edge Slant Board measures 44cm x 30cm and weighs only 950 grams. A convenient book catch at the bottom holds any size book or electrical device, while a clip at the top holds individual papers securely.

The Slant Board is simply the best reading and writing aid on the market. It is multifunctional, lightweight, easy to store and affordable. Research has shown that by placing your reading and writing at the proper angle you will increase your reading and writing performance. School desks of the past used a slanted surface for this very reason.

My little 6 year old has taken some time to adjust to school and lets face it they dead tired when they come back from school.We have the perfect height desk for homework so that the legs are fixed to the floor and not dangling on the ground.He is at perfect sitting height to the desk, however that head is constantly being supported by his one hand while the other is working.I find myself channeling my mother….”your head is not going to fall off – sit up straight”

We started using the Slant Board over the holidays while we did our Holiday Homework and wow did I notice a difference.No holding up the head.Posture was nice and straight and overall we seemed to get the work done with a lot more ease.

IMG_3237.0 IMG_3238.0

Has this changed since we have been back at school?

Not at all (in case you were thinking the improvement was attributed to the relaxation of our holiday time),we do all our workbook homework 1st using our slant board and then I test him on the test words for the week.He loves this part as he gets to use the whiteboard function on the slant board.


The Slant Board is light weight and can be taken everywhere.Its even perfect for car travel in my opinion as ours goes everywhere with us.I love ours we do homework on it, we read on it, we play with our play doh on it, we have even done shaving foam therapy on it.Its ideal for any family and any age and I’ve seen the results.

They come in awesome colours and in my opinion reasonable priced.

Remember The Slant Board the next time you stuck on what to get your child, niece or nephew or anyone you know – its an Ideal gift……a fun,sensible,useful and helpful gift.

slantboards slantboardfront slantboard

slantboardyellow slantboardgreen

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