Support Tekkie Tax Day – 29.05.2015


This is such an awesome initiative.

The kids at the school will all be sporting their “Tekkie Tax” laces.

 Sticker_D Sticker_B Sticker_A Sticker_E


Who will benefit?

Running a fundraising campaign is expensive, labour intensive and holds a lot of risk factors for the organisation organising it. In Tekkie Tax, a mix of the most accountable welfare organisations joined forces to do one very big campaign where you can choose whom YOU want to benefit from your donation. This is saving a lot of money and create a platform for organisations that normally do not have the infrastructure to engage in this model of fundraising.

Donating some of your hard-earned cash to a worthy cause can be a road full of potholes. Not all welfare organisations render an accountable service, and you need to make sure that you are supporting a trustworthy campaign!

By supporting the beneficiaries of Tekkie Tax, you can rest assure that they have been hand-picked, personally visited and all their credentials from shoe size to preferred toothbrush have been verified. So, in short – your donations will be treated with the highest respect and will be used to make life a better place: for people, animals and the environment! Whichever one you choose.


Yes, there are overlapping in the services that our organisations render. Like disability organisations, which are most often also involved in education and do extensive work with children. However, we have taken the main focus of the organisation and categorised them as such.

All our beneficiary organisations render a service in South Africa.

Do not feel that you should (or have to) support only one of these sectors. You can choose to get a sticker for each one that touches your heart.

Head to your nearest Toys R Us and purchase a sticker.

Content from the Tekkie Tax website.

Check out the Instagram account to view how we sported our Laces this morning


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