Stilnox – The Conclusion


I while back after the Carte Blanche report on Stilnox ( we decided to put our little one on it.

Let me give you the background on our little one beforehand:
Luc’s was born at 38 weeks.Was perfect in utero.The day he was born was a catastrophe and the one who was affected most was him.He wasnt suctioned or properly cleaned..actually overall neglected by staff as soon as he left my body,He went purple and lost oxygen.Anyway who was given the blame….Me.I was told that he had a genetic abnormality that was definitely passed down from the mom.For two years I carried this terrible burden until we decided to change Pediatricians and thanks to the Late Dr Heitner we went and had Genetic testing done.The outcome ……NO GENETIC ABNORMALITIES.
So my amazing little boy has epilepsy,poor muscle tone and neurological delays thanks to the lack of oxygen at birth.

So when the so called Lazarus Pill was mentioned we contacted our trusted medical advisers (Paed,OT,Physio,S.T the list is endless) and we decided to go on a two week trial with Stilnox.
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So the trial is done and dusted.

Did we see any changes?
Yes – we did minimal ones but we did

The Stilnox pill is minute and I had to divide this very very tiny pill in 3.This was not an easy task and many times crushed most of the pill anyway.
meaning that many times he during the trial he either got very little or no Stilnox (usually the weekends I didn’t give it to him as all I would have left were crumbs)

Would I try it again and Why?
Yes – I would like to give it another try.
Why?Two reasons
When we started the trial he had also just started school,meaning that many of the little things were were seeing I wasn’t sure were due to the Stilnox or the additional stimulation and learning at school.
the other – I would ask Paed to at least give him 1/2 a Stilnox a day as opposed to 1/3 because if anything the days we did see more activity and reaction were an the days where my 1/3 looked more like a 1/2 a tablet.
I know you asking why didn’t you just do 1/2 then? Im so by the book and because we don’t like giving him any sort of medication unnecessarily I wasn’t going to risk it without our Paed’s consent.

I’d like to try Stilnox again with Luc’s.Preferably later this year around about September.He has settled in nicely at school,is trying harder to communicate so yes…later looks like a viable idea.Ill keeo you posted.

If you are a parent or a patient or know of anyone else who has been on Stilnox i would love to hear from you.
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