Special Needs Kids – Because there is always hope and faith

My little boy is currently non-verbal and I had been told that if he hadn’t uttered a word by age 7 I might as well forget it.He started school this year and I’ve become part of a community that has opened my eyes, I’ve seen children start to talk at age 10.

They said the same about him walking and he walks today.

If there is one thing us parents have is faith and hope right? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a child with special needs, perhaps your child struggles a tad at school or sports.What do you do? You fight, you work hard with them to achieve to reach their maximum potential even when outsides say you shouldn’t bother – just give up. Parents DON’T!

I wont give up, my son will communicate with me one way or another one day. I have hope and faith and that’s enough for me today and everyday.He has shown me that time and time again.

This video uplifts me on those days when someone tries to make me lose sight of that.(Click below)

Non-verbal girl with Autism speaks through her computer

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