Planes Themed Party


We have avid future pilots in our little family.So it was no surprise when asked what kind of party was wanted the answer was Planes.

We came across the venue at the beginning of the year and booked it straight away for the boys birthday later in the year , it seemed we always managed to find ourselves hanging out there on a weekly basis.


The clouds I made using the following tutorial:

How To: Make Your Own Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop


I don’t do sugared party favours but try my best to get something to go with our theme each year.This year was no different ,I came across these for R 5.00 each  almost as soon as the theme was decided on, each child received a blow up plane as their party favour.


Upon arrival the guests received a passport (which they had to fill with “Stamps”, I found sticker sheets of different flags of the world at the Chinese market so this was their challenge.


Each section of the playground was a certain country and they had to complete the obstacle before getting a stamp on their passport.


mgfaplanes.10 mgfaplanes.09

They loved this and were super hyped to travel the globe so to speak lol!!!!



My favourite props for the birthday were these awesome locally made aeroplanes I used as decor everyone has asked me where I got them.

I had purchased theses awesome suitcases from Merrypak but sadly the courier company only arrived when we were at the party already – had I had them I would have not blown up the aeroplanes but instead placed them in the suitcases.



I made the invites myself and the Passport I found online and added to the theme.I also made photobooth signs.

Here are the templates:


They loved their party so much , when we got home I was asked if they could have another Plane Themed party this year……………………..NO I don’t think so!

This year’s theme will be the Olympics as their birthday is smack bang during the Summer Olympics , drop on by from time to time because I DO promise it wont take a year to post about their party this time round đŸ™‚


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