Our eco-friendly placemats – Holiday activity

Holiday time means I’m always on the look out for fun arts and crafts to do with the kids.

Ive looked into doing something with cork tiles for sometime now and today we did!

A pkt of 11 tiles cost me the equivalent of about $10.00 and there are more ideas to come.

It was a pretty easy activity to do with minimal mess (always good).

There was some prep work before hand as I quickly looked for a knife and fork I could cut out and turn into a stencil.

Once my little template was ready we could start and because stenciling requires a dry brush and minimal paint this was really quick and easy.


We used old adhesive letters to personalize the place mat.We then taped right across just under the name.

This section we painted white from one side to the other covering everything.


We placed the stencil and painted the knife in white.


Then the fork – this was a little hard with all the little points but we managed.


Once dry we removed the adhesive letters and tape.

I then outlined the utensil shapes and name.

This was out first attempt and I will definitely “tweek” it a tad but we all enjoyed this little protect.

Let me know if you try it out.


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