My Eyelash discovery

I love Pinterest – I can honestly say I drop by at least once a day.Over December I came across an interesting post about growing eyelashes.

3 Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

This caught my curiosity as I tend to think my eyelashes were pretty normal as far as length were concerned, actually I know they were as both my boys were born with super luscious long thick eyelashes which I’m constantly in awe of.

Since my goal for 2017 was to take better care of my appearance both inside and out , the blog post spoke to me and I’ve been working those eyelashes at least once a week since Jan.

This was the 1st attempt just before bed that night with Vaseline

It didn’t cost and arm and a leg – I already had the products (Castor Oil and Vaseline) I needed at hand so what was the harm in trying it.

I’ve been jumping between the twp products I mentioned (whatever is at hand as and when I remember to apply them). This photo was taken last week and I was shocked when I saw the difference in my eyelashes.

Its definitely not the mascara as its a very plain waterproof mascara (Clinique).

I’ll definitely continue to use it and see how it goes.

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