My Biggest Regret – DAY 25 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my biggest regret

I can hear my mom in the background all the time “I told you so”.Yes she was right study study study I was always such a lazy student.If I look back now and I could tell my head-in-the-clouds 14yr old me a thing or two I’d shout at her to get off her butt and go and do my homework and go and study, it’s not that hard.

if I had a do over – that’s what I’d want to re-do my whole high school career, I’d be a good student , I realize now that I actually have a knack for medicine and would have loved to be a doctor.

I’d study my butt off and be a really good doctor.

Close behind is the fact that I never went abroad on my own when I was younger.When i had decided to go off to London my then boyfriend now hubby proposed.I knew I was going to marry him sooner or later so I married him sooner and we went off to my dream city a month after we were married.We came back soon after because he hated every minute of it but I love that city and always will.

I wanted to love on my own , have a little apartment be independent.Its the one thing I encourage all the girls in my family to do.Spread their wings and fly solo for a while see their own potential all on their own.Wash clothes , cook food and fend for one’s self.

C’est La Vie – I love my life at the moment and try and live without regret daily.


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