Last Minute Valentine’s Day T-Shirt Makeover

Last Minute Valentine's Day Tshirt Makeover

I hadn’t planned on posting anything for Valentines Day.Necessity intervened and voilà here is the last-minute Valentine Day T-shirt Makeover I did for civvies day at school tomorrow.

If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that my youngest is camo , army crazy at the moment.He wishes he could sleep in his army clothes he says (best I find him cute camo jammies soon lol ).The request was he didn’t want to wear the required red and white or red and black but could he please wear his camo shirt.

Mommy to the rescue!

With some need and thread I got to work and this is the outcome.Its not permanent and will be unpicked before the short goes to wash.

Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

 Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

This was the outcome and for 15 minutes of quick hand stitching im pretty pleased with it and I have a little soldier how is really pleased with his Valentines Day Civvies Outfit.

Happy Valentines , Happy Galentine’s  , Singles Appreciation Day to each and every one of you.



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