Keeping our family car clean

There have been times where our SUV looks like an explosion of sorts happened in there.At any given time there might be jackets , leftover crisps, little toys  and I can’t begin to tell you about the amount of water bottles under the passenger seat.Ive been determined to changed this over the last few months and I’m proud to say so far so good and I’m dying to share with you how we keep our family car  clean.

I roll my eyes every time I have to go to a car wash to get my car cleaned (even if I’m sitting there scrolling through emails it just feels like poor time management).I’m lucky enough that I’m able to get my car washed in my parking bay at the office (best idea ever) while I’m working my car is getting washed.I usually have them do both the outside and inside but these days I make sure to vacuum the inside once a month, this gives me the opportunity to clear out the junk.

I’ve always kept a microfibre cloth in the cubby because I can’t stand the dust that accumulates on the dashboard but no matter how many times I’d take the cloth to that dashboard once the doors opened a whole new family of dust particles rested on the dashboard.A while back I added my niffty little vinegar spray bottle and I’m so happy I did so.

Ive never been a let’s-clean-the-car-on-the-Weekend-in-our-driveway kind of girl , my husband loves to clean his own car , hoses it down , vacuums and polishes it , even gets the boys to join him.I clean the dashboard and doors in the time I sit at the school parking bay waiting for the bell to ring for the end of the day.

Thanks to Jill Nystul from @byjillee Blog I added the sponge brush to my car cleaning kit so I get to clean my aircon vents brilliantly.I can’t help but smile when I look down and see the clean vents #dustfree.

Happy Cleaning



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