If I Won the Lottery – DAY 23 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


If I won the lottery

OH haven’t we all played this game before?

If I won the lottery……..

  • First thing Id do is  book a holiday for the four of us , Id think about what I was going to do with my winnings whilst I lay in the sun drinking virgin Pina Coladas hehehehe!!!!!!!!
  • I’d Tithe
  • I’d buy the house we never got approval for just before hubby was retrenched – I’d pay them cash and a request to be out by the end of the month.
  • I’d buy my husband the vehicle he has had he’s eye on.
  • I’d pay our family car off.
  • I’d pay the school fees for both schools for the next 5 yrs in one go
  • We would have a playroom/ therapy room with state of the art equipment and each therapist would come to our house and do private sessions DAILY with my son
  • I’d do renovations at my mom’s house where needed and pay off my MIL apartment.
  • I’d open a Educational Trust for all the children in our family current and still to come
  • I’d give our siblings a holiday of their choice
  • I’d buy a house I have my eye on in Umhloti
  • The 1st trip we would make would be to Sydney to see my family
  • I’d supersize Project Hope and really get the charity off the ground
  • We both would Continue to work
  • We would go overseas every year
  • I’d make sure I treated myself to getting the Porsche Cayenne for my 40th.
  • I’d spoil our nanny with a new home
  • I’d buy a 400g packet of biltong from Woolies weekly lol

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