DAY 9 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


whats in my bag

Bags I love them.I got my 1st official bag just after I turned 21.My best friend and I were on our way to London and Portugal by ourselves.Before that I’d just hand over  my cellphone, cash and lipbalm to my boyfriend to put in his pockets (ahhh good times my walking handbag now husband lol).I remember fighting with my mom i really didn’t want the bag,throughout or holiday I carried that army green bag everywhere, it annoyed my bff.Well that was it I was hooked after that, the walking handbag was most relieved.

What do I carry these day in my handbag?

I bought it at Woolworths for R250.00 for a few reasons:


R250.00 from Woolworths

  • Its a Cross-body Bag – this is great for hands free.You need that when you shopping with two kids.
  • Its about 28cm High and 24cm wide which makes it a perfect bag to hold a IPAD Mini (we working on communication with our little man via a few speech therapy apps so it goes with us everywhere.When we not using it my other little guy plays in the car with it.) So to avoid leaving it in the car I needed a bag big enough to carry the IPAD.


Lets work clockwise shell we:

  • My Loyalty Cards – I started this a while ago when my purse was bursting at the seams because of all the loyalty cards.Let face it there’s almost one for every store we frequent now isn’t there? I came across the idea on PINTEREST. Its a great way to keep all the loyalty cards together.I do however see some of the tellers find it difficult to swipe with all the other cards attached.After hunting for one for ages now Ive just ordered this Card Holder below in bright pink.

Card Case card holder inside

  • Business Cards – I love these cards.
  • New Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers lying loose in my bag patiently awaiting the new Card Holder.
  • Money and ATM Cards and some receipts- I stopped using a purse right after I was held up at gunpoint and decided not to walk around with cash.I got pretty used to it now but the cash has returned as there were a few times I’d be stranded in some card park without change so now I always make sure I have a few coins and notes in my bag.
  • My phone – I don’t have a fab pretty designer cover  on it.Its a plain clear silicone cover.I haven’t come across one I really cant live without and is durable with the boys.Noooo wait I lie I have seen one – well it BRIEFLY caught my eye that is.Its a Swarovski Smartphone Cover.


  • Pens, Theres my Parker Pen ( my new treasured Pink Parker I take it with me everywhere) , A mini 5-1 Colour Pen for my Reading-Mom Days.A Black marker (I’m not sure why that’s in my bag or when it got there).
  • Sticky Divider Post its – I use this in the office and sometimes I stick reminders on my phone if I need something at the store or I need a reminder of sorts.
  • Lipbalm – L’occitane Lip Balm


  • Sweets and Wipes from Ocean Basket
  • Waterproof Mascara – Clinique
  • Ziploc Bag with Wetwipes and 1 Huggies Gold Nappy.These days we prefer to carry light especially if its a quick outing to the mall and with Little Man working on getting Potty Trained (Dear Lord let this be the year) its not necessary to lug around a massive Backpack or previously known as our Nappy Bag.

So that’s it plain and simple.

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