DAY 12 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my 10 favourite foods

I’m what my mom calls a fussy eater.I’m a self confessed snack-er.

  • Woolworths Biltong Sticks – I buy a big bag once a month when I get paid its my treat.


  • Woolworths Baby Carrots…oh who am I kidding any carrots.I eat them raw they so sweet,I buy the special buy 3 save R10.00.I make sure I carry one in my bag so we can snack on them during the after-school rush.


  • Carne de Porco a Portuguesa (Port Fillet and Chips Dish. A family favourite it was an adaptation from the  Carne de Porco à Alentejana (this dish includes Seafood)and since hubby could die if any crayfish touches his lips we do the non-seafood version.


  • My mom’s grilled prawns top the Prawn list but I love the prawns from Pararinha, Adega or Ocean Basket.
  • Carne Estufada – Similar to a Beef Pot Roast – correct me if I’m wrong.After years of making this I think Ive gotten to my grans and moms caliber, This is a dish I make Bi-Weekly and a firm favourite with either spaghetti or white rice.Theres a lot of gravy so its wonderful to dip your fresh roll and even better when you have left over because its super great for beef rolls the next day. #mouthsalivatingrightnow. When we lived in London it was the one true meal I missed from Home.Hubby and my Brother in law attempted to make it for my birthday the one time because they knew I missed it so much.
  • A plain Toasted Ham – i have never been big on burgers , I seriously don’t understand this new burger trend.I’m plain and simple give me a toasted ham any day.Even better is a toasted ham made in a Snackwich machine because the corners and that middle piece crisp the ham.
  • Spaghetti Boerre(Wors)Nyse – I made this out of yearning, yearning for warmer days a few Winters ago.I still got the Summery flavour of Boerewors without having to braai in the cold plus the added bonus,  its super easy to make.Its one of my most visited blog posts to date.

    Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse

    photo 4.0


  • Any Portuguese kid growing up in an authentic Portuguese home will have this one on their list.A garlicy-wine marinated Steak, Chips and Egg.We used to have this at least once a week  when I was little.I don’t make it to often at home with chips as my little man finds it difficult to swallow crispy fries so I alternate with rice or in Winter with comfort food favourite mashed potato.


  • Mafia-Tarte this is the next thing I wan tot put up on the Vlog.Its a Sunday Lunch sort of dish.My mom got the recipe when we went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Germany and its been a staple favourite in our family.I have changed the recipe slightly so its not as rich and is adaptable for my family to have for supper during the week.Ideal to eat with brown or white rice.Sunday lunch the Creamy Potatoes are a must.
  • A Chicken Curry or Butter Chicken



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