Cowboys and Indians – Birthday Sheriffs


I’m obsessed with Theme Birthday parties.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 041 - Copy

In fact I’m obsessed with my boys birthday party planning full stop.

Before I had the boys that time of the year always got me down as it’s around the anniversary of my amazing dad passing away, I always say the Lord gave me my babies on that particular month (they were both early)as to give me joy during this month instead of thinking of it as the worst.

Both their birthdays are on the same month so until they (my boys) ask me to stop the have one big party together.

Albeit that on the day of their birthday we always go out for supper or do something with our closest relatives (grandparents and uncles and aunts).

Last year our theme was Cowboys and Indians

The party venue was amazing and had that real rustic feel.

In fact its our 2nd Birthday party there.It gets better and better each year and best part is it’s practically down the road its lovely you rent a lapa big enough for your party or bring a blanket and set up a picnic there are farm animals (purchase a bag of fresh veggies to feed the animals),jungle gyms , pony rides.

Set up was a nightmare as this strong wind came out of nowhere – what were suppose to be table coverings were kept intact and made to shield the wind.

The Party favors were my favourite so far and we worked so hard on them.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 014 - Copy

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 001 - Copy

Each child received a hobby-horse. (Tutorial and pattern to follow one of these day).

I had to be budget savvy and found these cute bandanas the local Chinese Market – I kept to 3 colours (Orange Navy and white).

The sticks and stuffing were also cheap and each hobby-horse cost me close to R30.00 each.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 005 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 008 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 004


We had light stacks and a barbecue.

My little four-year old asked for a Ice-cream Birthday cake and he made a brilliant choice because it was such a hit!

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 254Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 277Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 274

It’s very plain – we were suppose to have a cake topper but at the rate this cake was melting it was blow out candles quick and serve!

Games and Activities were provided:

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 016 - Copy

Tin Toss

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 391

Pin The Tail on the Donkey

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 007 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 404

Painting Centre

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 082 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 178Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 075 - Copy


Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 291Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 141

Pony rides

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 015 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 304

Hide and Go Seek

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 170Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 172

Races with our Hobby Horses (a year down the line these are still played with daily in our home)

Did I mention I like to get the boys dressed up according to their theme lol?

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 056 - Copy

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 128 - Copy

All the kids were asked to dress up.

Our gorgeous twins , Models for Baby-X clothing sported Cowboy outfits from their Pretend Play range  (Baby-x – you can find them on Facebook –   )

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 018 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 025 - Copy

We finished off the day with a wagon ride – sunset was beautiful.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 362

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 469

………The very next day I started planning (pinning) the theme for 2013’s Birthday Party.



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