winter must-haves 2018

Its May and Autumn and the cold seasons are here,let me share with you why ViralChoice is my family’s favourite immune booster.

When the boys were in nursery school I was a stickler on their health and used those immune boosters daily.My boys never got really sick nor did they miss school much.enter their primary years and homework and extra murals and everything else that comes with children in primary school and getting an immune booster down their little throats seemed to fall by the waist-side.In saying that I also noticed that they got sick and they were absent and out GP visits increased and this went for the kids and both parents.

#proudmommymoment…… This year I got back on track and implemented my ViralChoice  immune boosting regime.At the beginning of March I start my family on an immune booster  to date I’ve only ever used Viral Choice because I’ve seen the results and know if works for my family.This will continue daily until the end of September.

mgfa winter must-haves 2018

Have I seen results?Oh yes!! Last year this time there were already runny noses and dry coughs. I’m very happy to report that not a single tissue has been utilized for this purpose to date.Also, the class my oldest is in had 4 parents come and collect their children because there were to sick to stay at school – even the teacher noticed that he is about the only child that hasn’t got the sniffles.

Happy Winter to all.Stay snug and warm.May there be very few colds and flus in your household.


Keeping our family car clean

There have been times where our SUV looks like an explosion of sorts happened in there.At any given time there might be jackets , leftover crisps, little toys  and I can’t begin to tell you about the amount of water bottles under the passenger seat.Ive been determined to changed this over the last few months and I’m proud to say so far so good and I’m dying to share with you how we keep our family car  clean.

I roll my eyes every time I have to go to a car wash to get my car cleaned (even if I’m sitting there scrolling through emails it just feels like poor time management).I’m lucky enough that I’m able to get my car washed in my parking bay at the office (best idea ever) while I’m working my car is getting washed.I usually have them do both the outside and inside but these days I make sure to vacuum the inside once a month, this gives me the opportunity to clear out the junk.

I’ve always kept a microfibre cloth in the cubby because I can’t stand the dust that accumulates on the dashboard but no matter how many times I’d take the cloth to that dashboard once the doors opened a whole new family of dust particles rested on the dashboard.A while back I added my niffty little vinegar spray bottle and I’m so happy I did so.

Ive never been a let’s-clean-the-car-on-the-Weekend-in-our-driveway kind of girl , my husband loves to clean his own car , hoses it down , vacuums and polishes it , even gets the boys to join him.I clean the dashboard and doors in the time I sit at the school parking bay waiting for the bell to ring for the end of the day.

Thanks to Jill Nystul from @byjillee Blog I added the sponge brush to my car cleaning kit so I get to clean my aircon vents brilliantly.I can’t help but smile when I look down and see the clean vents #dustfree.

Happy Cleaning



My Eyelash discovery

I love Pinterest – I can honestly say I drop by at least once a day.Over December I came across an interesting post about growing eyelashes.

3 Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

This caught my curiosity as I tend to think my eyelashes were pretty normal as far as length were concerned, actually I know they were as both my boys were born with super luscious long thick eyelashes which I’m constantly in awe of.

Since my goal for 2017 was to take better care of my appearance both inside and out , the blog post spoke to me and I’ve been working those eyelashes at least once a week since Jan.

This was the 1st attempt just before bed that night with Vaseline

It didn’t cost and arm and a leg – I already had the products (Castor Oil and Vaseline) I needed at hand so what was the harm in trying it.

I’ve been jumping between the twp products I mentioned (whatever is at hand as and when I remember to apply them). This photo was taken last week and I was shocked when I saw the difference in my eyelashes.

Its definitely not the mascara as its a very plain waterproof mascara (Clinique).

I’ll definitely continue to use it and see how it goes.

Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse


Perfect timing for our wonderful Heritage Month of September.

Most countries I know have some form of “sausage”The Portuguese  and Spanish have chouriço (Portuguese) or  Chorizo (Spanish), the Brits have their Pork Sausage and the South Africans have  Boerewors.

The most traditional ways of eating Boerewors is at a barbeque (Braai).

From time to time its nice to have the taste of Boerewors without the Braai (barbeque) especially during the week when you don’t have the time to wait for hot coals or gas, that’s when I make my Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse.


My favourite boerewors at the moment is the Woolworths Grabouw its just the perfect mix of flavours for this easy dish.

This is an ideal meal for the South Africans living overseas if you can get hold of some boerewors and you wanting a taste of back home without the efforts of a weekend “braai” or “barbecue”.

I call it my easy mid-week meal because it simply is!

Click on Recipe Below:

Recipe Spaghetti Boere(wors)-Nyse



We slowly getting there.

Its the weekend so I’ll probably accelerate in my knitting.

So far we have the two YELLOW Feet , two GREY legs which we then combine after 40 rows on both legs.

The combining comes when you have knitted the 1st 15 stitches and you tie a little knot with the cut wool (in what will become the inner leg)and the wool you working with.


You will them have 30 stitches in total and knit 20 rows – this will be the upper part of the pants.


I’m so excited to start on the jersey portion of this project.

Have a fab weekend




Saver Series – June 2016

Can you believe it – its here –  we have reached the middle of 2016 in lightening speed (at least I think so) this year is just flying by.

How have you been at saving?

We half way now and we should have a total of  R 3 680.00 saved by the end of June.

June 2016 Challenge.01

Let me know how you coming on with the challenge.

All the best and happy saving



Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


DAY 19 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

My favourite movie


Lace the Movie , watch the trailer its awesome – Trailer

When theres that pause for dramatic effect I just love it!

Based on the book Lace by Shirley Conran (I read this in my 20s and loved the book just as much as I loved the 2 part movie series)

I watched this in the early years of MNET.I fell instantly in love with it.The Three amazing woman who meet in Boarding School and were the closest of friends.My favourite was and is the French Maxine Pascal( I wanted to be her, I wanted to sound like her and I loved her outfits) but I love that there is an Arab Prince in the mix.I love the soundtrack oh who am I kidding I loved it so much that I bought the DVD.

Part One has Lilly looking for the mother who gave her up for adoption and Part Two has her looking for her father in the hopes he will pay a ransom on her mothers head.

The story is absolutely beautiful and a definite must see.When I got Part One I shared it with family and they were hooked so much so they went out and got Part Two.



DAY 16 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my thoughts on education

Ahhh one of my favourtire subjects.

When my son started school last year one of the things the principal said has been embedded in my brain.Primary Education is the forgotten child of Education.Year after year we sit with bated breath waiting for the 12th Grade(Matric) results. We never see how well the lower grades do.Yet without this very foundation those Matric marks would not be achieved.

It’s with a good foundation that students go on to be better students in higher grades.

I had the choice to put my son in a Grade R (0) in a formal schooling environment but made the decision not to and I am so very happy with my decision.

Children need to be children for as long as possible and not in a rigid school type environment.My son went to an awesome nursery school where the Grade R is of such high standards that any school will welcome them in Grade One.

If I look back at my own Foundation Phase I can see that too much emphasis was spent wanting me to be right-handed and not allow me to be what God naturally wanted me to be….a lefty.My 2nd Grade was all about having me write with my right hand instead of with my left.My 3rd Grade had me put in the nightmare of a teacher (Ms Lief or Leaf – this woman was so horrid why she ever became a teacher was beyond me and to this day Id still like to give her a backhand or several.She would shake you like a rattle – grab you by the shoulders and shake you back and forth with such force.She tore the earring of a little girl from grabbing pulling her ear so hard – the more I talk of this woman the more I feel she should be found.She should send an open letter to all her old students with a massive apology)She told my mom I had special needs, they had me tested and made to feel like I was stupid.I actually have an above average IQ but I was always so bloody lazy (I’m making up for that now).

Our principal said that primary school is not just the teacher and the student.Its not a place you drop off your child in Grade One shake hands with the educator and pick your kids up in the 7th Grade when they off to High School.I fully agree with him 100%

Primary School Education is triangular – Student – Teacher – Parent.

When your child’s teacher calls you  in because she feels there is an issue that needs addressing I find it terrible that parents get all defensive. If a child needs a few Occupational Therapy appointments or speech therapy appointments this int because the teacher doesn’t have time to sit and address the issue (step back and think for a bit….how did she come to this conclusion? She didn’t thumb suck it, she actually spent time with your child often enough to finally take the decision to address the issue with you.)Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy are not for “Special Needs Kids” they are for every child.

I often hear people say…..Good Gosh we didn’t have any therapy when we were at school and we turned out just fine.Yes perhaps you did turn out fine but perhaps you would have gotten to the “destination” a lot easier had it been for these tools provided.

Bottom line.When your children are in Grades R ,1,2,3 which we call the Foundation Phase take the time to really be part of their education, take the time to read to them and have them read to you, take the time to do daily maths with them (when cutting your pizza , if I cut it in the middle how  many pieces do I have (2) and what is this called? Half, etc.There is so much that you can do with out it coming from a text-book or in the form of a worksheet. Remember children learn through play.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Anthropologie Inspired Monogram Mugs


Its become rather addictive – the challenge of finding anything that I can put a name on and personalize.You’ve seen it on this blog here and here and here lol.

This was no exception. You’ve seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest. THE ANTHROPOLOGIE MONOGRAM MUG #sopretty.

78404_whi_b 29322906_901_b

You can just imagine that whatever you drink from it will be extra tasty.

Since all things Anthropologie we cant get here in SA I had to come up with solutions.

Above was my inspiration and below is how it turned out in the end.

I started playing around with my fonts and came up with this (take into account that I have no fancy Photoshop or Coral program but simply used my MS Word).I did PDF them individually when I sent them onto the printers:

Fonts Used: FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

Fonts Used:
FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

Fonts Used: FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

Fonts Used:
FFF Tusj and Dawning of a New Day

I then contacted Mr Mugs in Jhb , they have great specials and I saved so much.


They turned out great. The teachers are really going to love them I’m sure of that.


Pics of Anthropologie Mugs from their website.