Last Minute Valentine’s Day T-Shirt Makeover

Last Minute Valentine's Day Tshirt Makeover

I hadn’t planned on posting anything for Valentines Day.Necessity intervened and voilà here is the last-minute Valentine Day T-shirt Makeover I did for civvies day at school tomorrow.

If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that my youngest is camo , army crazy at the moment.He wishes he could sleep in his army clothes he says (best I find him cute camo jammies soon lol ).The request was he didn’t want to wear the required red and white or red and black but could he please wear his camo shirt.

Mommy to the rescue!

With some need and thread I got to work and this is the outcome.Its not permanent and will be unpicked before the short goes to wash.

Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

 Last Minute Valentine's Day T Shirt Makeover

This was the outcome and for 15 minutes of quick hand stitching im pretty pleased with it and I have a little soldier how is really pleased with his Valentines Day Civvies Outfit.

Happy Valentines , Happy Galentine’s  , Singles Appreciation Day to each and every one of you.



Neon Necklace – Easy DIY


A quick assessment of my wardrobe had me conclude that I’ve got a lot of dark blues and navy clothing.I love to add bright accessories to these such as a gorgeous citrus necklace or cerise and even more so a cute neon yellow something  especially since I have these pretty sandals (see below) to match.

Only problem is that I haven’t been able to find a neon yellow necklace to add to any of my ensembles.So what do you do when you can’t shop?      You DIY.

This was an especially inexpensive project as I spent R30.00 on the necklace at Checkers and because I didn’t want to spend R 100.00 on spray paint since it was such a minute project, I sent out a broadcast message to family and asked if anyone had a neon yellow spray paint bottle lying around in their garage.Within minutes I had an answer.




I love how it turned out.


Folding Socks the Easy Way

I did a blog post sometime ago on an easy way for kids to put on socks. In our household actually everyone puts their socks on in this way,  as its the way I fold the socks.Moms are always trying to find great time savers and this is one of them in my opinion.

The video is an easy way for the kids to just slip on a sock and its brilliant,however its all thanks to the folding of said socks.

These are the easy steps below.Once done click on the video for a quick visual.





Favourite Finds – 3 – like a nauti girl


Once again I’ve been on the search for a Summer fragrance that would make me miss the sea and sand.I thought it would take forever to find.

Did I find it?

Surprisingly yes, rather quickly actually and there are some pretty awesome reasons why I love it:


  1. Its forms part of a firm summer trend – The Nautical Look – one of my favourites
  2. When I close my eyes and take in the scent , I’m suddenly  on a hammock swinging from side to side,my foot dangling in salty waters as I take in the scent of a soft sea breeze and coconuts.(You picturing it right!!) Read the details about the fragrance from their website below or click on “about this product” to go directly to the website.
  3. The price – its awesome ….wait for it……R 59.95@ Clicks. At that price I have one in my handbag, the bathroom cupboard and at the office.

The other products in this range are amazing – next on my list are the nail polishes and that make-up bag.

If I find it (the make up bag) I’ll buy myself one and I’ll spoil one lucky reader with the other.(Pinky promise)

Like the Essence South Africa  FACEBOOK page to be the 1st to find out about their awesome products and trends.


Braai Day/ Heritage day / S.A Day Outfit – What to wear

Much like the 4th of July in the States or Australia Day down-under we celebrate our South African Heritage to the fullest.

Many will be outdoors soaking up our amazing weather with family and friends.

What to wear?Something relaxing yet patriotic lol!


The shirts come in white – LEKKER , HOWZIT and EISH

FYI – Lekker shirt was from Mr Price via – I’ll re-post as soon as I get the one from the T-shirt Company.

Have a fantastic Long Weekend


George Brand for Babies @ Game Stores

Game George baby.1.1

Four weeks after we were married we immigrated to the UK (my dream country…..shocker I even love the weather) , and our closest Supermarket was a massive ASDA.It was my weekly treat to walk down each and every isle savoring the wonderful new products that weren’t available back in South Africa.

Like every new bride I dreamt of starting a family one day (it took us 5 years) however the very 1st outfit I ever bought for my unborn baby was the sweetest, cutest little onesie (baby-gro) that looked like Tiger from Winnie the Pooh  – I still have it and its too cute.

So even though my boys are way past the baby blanket, bibs and onesies stage – I couldn’t help but be thrilled when I came across the George brand at my local Game Store.


Tyrone Vieira, Merchandise Director at Game, put it perfectly…….. “The babywear team at George understands how truly special a newborn child is… After all, they are our smallest and most important customer! Working with industry experts, we offer baby clothing that suits all your needs from 100% cotton sleepsuits and bodysuits, poppers on our baby products for easier dressing and the utmost care in safety.”

That little babygro is 13 years old and still looks new and its been through 2 little boys.

Baby Shower guest and moms everywhere will be able to add something new and different to any babas wardrobe with the George baby brand and the best part..their prices are pretty reasonable.

Visit a Game Store near you.

Below are a few items you can look forward to purchasing


654799_3 665690_10653863_3665460_10  653968_3 654242_3654225_3 659846_3 659842_3 659838_3 655045_3 654807_3


Safety Gadget – My Bag-Secur!


When you walk around pushing a pram you seem to be the favourite target for criminals.I have had my cellphone stolen from my nappy bag (lets call this my beginners stage,my little man was weeks old and it was literally one of our 1st outings out to the shops just the two of us and I fell victim to crime), then there was the Zara incident (we will call this my novice stage – I caught her just in time and she hid my cellphone under some children’s clothes, but in true Jozi style I went for her grabbed her arm and made a huge scene at the ever proper Zara Sandton store, however hubby was left alone with two kids and trying to still look for my ringing phone so it took but only a second for the koei to dash out the store).

My last attempt was at the Makro in Alberton where I caught them with their hands right in my bag,I pretended to not see and continued to walk (by now I’m calling myself PROFESSIONAL because I had a plan…I walked they walked, I zagged they zagged.Eventually the two men followed me to the toy isle and I made my attack.My husband screaming for me to calm down thought I was a looney,I grabbed them and wouldn’t let go, screaming “security” , “security” at the top of my lungs but the one I hadn’t grabbed made a run for it and when i went to grab him he’s friend made a run for it as well.

So I’m tired, I don’t want to be a victim anymore and frankly I think the next person who tries to grab anything that belongs to me will get hurt.I’m small , I’m 1.53cm but I’ll pack a mean punch.In fact when I get to my local Makro store the 1st thing I do is go to the sporting goods department (I kid you not) I grab a metal baseball bat and walk around with it while I do my shopping……I’m waiting….I’m just waiting.

This is not a way to live life right???

I’ve found an awesome gadget.A great gadget.


What is it and how does it work?

Its got a carabiner one on side to attach to your handbag / nappy bag etc and on the other side is the seat-belt attachment.(see pic below)

bagsecur fb page


This bag isn’t going anywhere – or at least your “bag” will give them a good fight for their thug money by that time you long on your way.

I tried it at the shops today and will definitely use it again. The trolley guy was a little perplexed with what I was doing but hey safety 1st!

bagsecur3 bagsecur4

I love this product and want to share it with you.

Soooooooo we doing a GIVE AWAY!

x1 Bag-Secur


  • Only persons residing in South Africa may enter
  • The prize will be sent to you via post – if you reside in Jozi it will be hand delivered to you.
  • Winner will be selected by
  • Not refundable for money
  • Winner will be notified on Friday(06.02.2015) via the My Gifts from Above Facebook page

What you need to do:

  1. LIKE the Bag-Secur Facebook Page:
  2. Leave a REPLY below


Thank you to the wonderful team at Bag-Secur for sponsoring the prize

View Website:

Bag-Secur can be purchased at Builders Warehouse or D.I.Y Depot

1st Grade Rocks!!! Free Iron On T-shirt Decal


So, its begun……My babies school careers.

Little guy is going to our local primary school and Little Man will be going to a special needs school.

Tomorrow the school will be hosting a Meet-and-Greet Orientation type party for the 1st Graders.They will be introduced to their teacher’s and shown to their classrooms thereafter they will have a little party.

I wanted them to both have something special – something that I made, something that says (even if its just for me)”mommy thought of you and how (tears) this is such a big day in your little life (and more tears)”.

I spent a very long time on a very simple design for the Iron On but – its all made with love.(I’m still getting used to the program)

Tshirt Print

What do you need:

  • A4 Iron On sheet of Transfer Paper (I used TRIBE – bought a packet of 10 at PNA for R123.99)
  • Iron and Ironing Boar
  • A white t-shirt (I got mine from Pick n Pay Clothing for R29.99)
  • Printer – Or take your Iron On paper to the closest printing shop like a Postnet or Minuteman Press

What you need to do:

  1. Print out the PDF in colour on Iron on Paper
  2. Warm the iron
  3. Face the printed side face down on the shirt and iron really well
  4. allow to cool
  5. Remove the top film of the iron on paper

And that’s it – you done

An inexpensive shirt made especially for their special day and it only got R40.29 ($3.50)


Footnote: for photo details step-by-steps on the above see my previous tutorial here: