Back to School – Star Wars


In our household there were two countdowns.The Christmas Countdown and the release of the Star Wars Movie.

So it was no surprise what the 2016 scholastic stationary theme was going to be…….SHHHOOOOOOShhhoooooo (Darth Vader Breathing lol) yup STARS WARS.

I found this 3 roll wrapping at Typo for R 90.00 , I cant wait to start covering school books.



From this 2016 diary is for the older Star Wars Fan @ R 340.00 excl delivery fee.


starwars-darthwriting has this awesome set for R 149.00


Document Wallet @ Game R18.50



Bought these labels earlier today for R 10.00 @ Game


Notebook @ Pick N Pay R26.95


Ceramic Star War Set @Game R 130.00


Theres nothing like starting the day right with a nice big breakfast.What better way then with the above Ceramic Set.

What colours or themes have your kids decided on?This was the highlight of my year and I’d always go for a matchy-matchy set if I have to look at whats out there right now and I was still at school this is the set I would have chosen.



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