Air Show 2013 – TOP GUNS in action

Capture Plane

My dad was a helicopter pilot in the army and up until his heart attack he was just a few hours short of his pilots licence.This meant that airshows where a must on our family adgenda.Im glad to say that we will probably make it an annual tradition because flying and an interest for anything with wings definitely is in the blood line ,both our boys love planes.

Our little boys were mesmerized and I was informed by my 5-year-old as to the difference between a jet and a normal plane…….”jets dont have propellers”!

I can say that there were probably only 3 sorts of people at the show….Pilots , Photographers and spectators, I had such lens envy. Next year I will return with a bigger lens lol.

We all enjoyed the show so much and as I sit writing this I can hear the special effect airplane sounds coming from my son’s mouth as he’s toy airplane takes flight.


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