A Confession – DAY 29 – 30 Day Blog Challenge

A Confession


I have always thought I d be the mom to a girl.A Daughter with dark brown eyes and long brown hair.

In fact when hubby and I chatted about our future and our hopes and dreams a little girl was always part of the picture.We even picked out a name Serana (this was way before Ben and Jeni got together) and the name died out and became the name of a future Beach Villa we would have”Villa Serana” with double SS as door handles.(you can picture it right?)

Anyway fast forward to a more clear reality and two beautiful boys later.

We started speaking about adding a third child in the hopes of a little sister for the boys.My husband is a magnet for little girls they absolutely love him and he is putty in their hands.He just melts.Layla – Lee would be her name.

We thought of this for a while and were really considering it…………………………

Then we went on holiday with my Aunt,Uncle and my to Cousins.One of them a hormonal female teen.


Can I go on record and say it has been by far the best contraception ever – a glimpse in the life of parents with a hormonal “Regan from the Exorcist” type teenage girl.One minute there would be laughs and next someone would just use a “trigger” word (new an unknown word everyday) and it was Regan from the Exorcist mayhem.The scariest thing ever.

Needless to say we returned home numb and very much put off ever trying for another child ever.Little girls with their little pig-tails and sweet giggles turn into very scary hormonal teens and I just couldn’t be bothered with putting up with that really.

The teen years have now left Miss Madam and shes a lovely young adult but the lesson she gave hubby and I will never be forgotten.

These days I console myself with the fact that when the time comes and I meet my little niece Im going to be the best aunt a niece has had.

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