Valentine Tassel Keyring


Valentine Tassel Keyring

You see them everywhere these days……


On clothing , on accessories , on jewellery , tassels are very in right now.Even in home decor from blankets to pillows.

It’s a really cheap and really quick Ombre Tassel Key ring you can do for a friend, a teacher , your sister.Anyone you just want to spoil really!


You going to need: Embroidery Thread, Keyring ,Washi Tape, Scissors, Cardboard / Card


The height of your card is the length of your tassel so you can decide. The length of my Gautrain Card was perfect.









Secure the embroidery thread with a little washi tape











The begin to neatly wrap your tread around the card until the desired thickness ,snip off when finished.Now ct another piece of tread about 10cm long












Slip the 10 cm piece of thread through from one side to the other and tie a knot as tight as possible


It should look like this. Take a scissors and though the loops in the bottom.











Cut another piece of thread and wrap and knot it about 1cm below the knot you have just made.


There you go! All done. At this stage – trim the bottom to neaten the edge and slip through the keyring










Good Luck – please share your tassel DIY’s  with me with the hashtag #tasseldiy

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