The Doctor in our house – Cheap Pretend Play Dr’s Kit for Kids under $10 (ZAR 100.00)


Both my little boys we Neonates.Oddly enough the youngest is the one with the Dr Phobia’s.My little boy who has been poked and prodded doesn’t seem to mind them anymore.Thank goodness for Doc McStuffins ( she has manged to soften the phobia a tad.

Last year November Little Man was admitted with a high fever and rash all over his body – this had both mom and baby in a hospital room for a full week. The 1st few days when the nurses came to do their routine checks ,he would scream ,dad and I came up with the perfect idea and it worked.The patient became the Doctor, we bought him a Toy Medical Kit ( )


So these days the Doctor in the house gives someone a check up at least once a day.This has increased since I did my 1st aid course and practiced on him.Being mom’s patient when I practice what I’ve been learning #enjoying1staid


We found a Dr’s kit when he was in the hospital and it was crazy expensive and a lot of the parts are no  longer working.

I found the gorgeous metal case from my local Checkers and kitted the case with real items bought at Dischem.

Whats in the case?

  • Stethoscope  – R 29.95 – Shocking isn’t it!
  • Digital Thermometer – R 19.95 – No Name Brand
  • Bandages  – One Roll – R 12.00   – I unrolled it and cut it in half
  • Syringe – R 3.00
  • three-cornered kerchief serves double duty as a “cravat bandage” – R 3.95
  • Cream – was a left over tube I kept in my handbag that was almost finished
  • Notebook to record diagnosis – Had at home
  • The Syringe pen with red liquid inside was a gift from Granny Augusta – she found it in a Hospital Gift Store


I put together this case in early June and its played with daily.It even gets take to nursery school.

IMG_8133 IMG_8136 IMG_8132

Plenty cream was used to aid he’s patient….her leg was so moisturized it was shiny lol!

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