DAY 20 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


what makes me happy

The present ,the future just about anything makes me happy.

Watching my son walk from one point of the house to the other makes me happy, actually it makes me burst with joy.Something they said he would never do he now does with Hamilton Speed all over.He has been walking for well over 3 years now and I can still sit and watch him walk and I’m in awe.

Baking makes me happy – Ive found myself smiling on many occasion while I knead or roll our cookie dough.Theres something so gratifying about treating the ones you love to something yummy and made from the heart.I believe my Love Language is The Act of Service to my loved ones.

Organizing my little house of chaos makes me happy.I guess its taking the step in the right direction that gives me a little skip in my step and a smile on my face.

Life makes me happy.I got really sick a year and a half ago and it really scared me.How delicate and precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away from you.Each day is such a gift for me, spending time with my children being involved in their Education in their growth, it is such a gift for me – it made me so sad reading FB mommy posts who couldn’t wait for the holidays to be over.I’ve already looked up when the next holidays are.I love spending time with my munchkins.They are small for such a little time and still want to spent time with us parents in a few years we’ll be like insect repellent they’ll want to only hang out with their friends.

My mom’s old boss and old family friend used to constantly ask me why was I always smiling – like it wasn’t natural.I’ve been pretty blessed, when my father passed away I felt Id never really smile again the sunshine had been taken away from our lives(I thought so much about that friend’s comments about me smiling- I had so much to smile about)I have seen most of the world and by any standard I was treated like a princess , I’ve married a wonderful man and I have two amazing little boys why shouldn’t I smile? I have happiness in my heart and that resonates a big massive smile at any given time.