Natural Screen Cleaner

I love this Natural Screen Cleaner , my husband loves this Natural Screen Cleaner and if you follow this recipe I can guarantee you to will love this Natural Screen Cleaner too.

Natural Screen Cleaner

A short while ago I posted on Instagram that I have been slowly moving away from store bought chemical-filled household cleaners to homemade Natural Cleaners. A few of the followers asked if Id post  recipes.

My 1st recipe is for the 1st ever natural cleaner I ever made.This Natural Screen Spray.

What you need:
  • New Spray Bottle (I got mine from Dichem in the Travel section)
  • A bottle of Purified Water
  • A bottle of Rubbing Alcohol (Clear or Wintergreen)
To Make:

Fill bottle with 1/2 of the Purified Water and 1/2 with the Rubbing Alcohol close bottle and shake.

Natural Screen Cleaner

This is perfect to clean your tablets,smart phones ,sunglasses spec , flat screen tv’s and computer screens as its natural and streak free.I use my microfibre cloth to wipe these items clean along with my screen spray.

If you try this recipe let me know what you think.

View video here