Back to School Lunchbox Trick

Now that the kids are into their first full week of school and we back into our school routine, I’m going to share my most favourite Back to School Lunchbox trick … to avoid fruit from browning.

Back To School Lunch Box Trick

I shared the video on my Instagram account this morning and it’s been pretty popular.

I was and possibly still am(according to my mother lol) a #fussyeater , who remembers browned fruit 🍎 when opening their lunch boxes because I do? This awesome method keeps your apples and pears from browning

What you need:

  • cold water
  • tsp fine salt
  • optional – cutter+corer. •apples – washed

Back To School Lunch Box Trick


  • Slice the Apple/s 🍎
  • Stir x1 tsp of Salt in the water until dissolved.
  • Place apples in the salted water 💧 and go about finishing up what you need to do (3-5min)
  • Rinse the apples through fresh water
  • Place in lunchbox

Back To School Lunch Box Trick Back to school Lunchbox treats

I’ve had a piece or two of an apple come home and at 15:00 it’s still hasn’t browned.

Hope this little trick makes your life a little easier and aids in making sure your little ones eat their school lunch.

Click below to watch the video:

Back to school Lunch box treat