Personalizing my Santa Shoebox


By now you have probably realized I am obsessed with anything Personalized.

I jumped at the chance to spoil a little girl when I took my Santa Shoebox pledge. My home is filled with blues ,reds ,trucks and dinosaurs.Even our pet cat Mr Smee is male.So this is really my only opportunity to go crazy with girly stuff.

I really wanted to do something special for this child – this is what I did:


I played around with fonts on MS Word and once I was happy with it , I PDF-ed it and then sent it to the awesome team at Liqerish – Click here for their FB Page and they laser cut it for me.

She can hang it over her bed or on a cupboard door (I added extra ribbon so she can decide to hang it where ever she wants.)

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.I was going to make it a different colour but once I received it I really liked its Natural look.


Post photos of your Santa Shoeboxes on the MGFA Facebook page.

Next Year I’ve promised myself I will do a shoebox every month.So by the end of the year I’ll pledge 12 shoeboxes.

Click here if you would like to register – Santa Shoebox




My Valentines Day favourites at Woolworths



Yup its commercialized , yup red roses cost a crazy bundle but I still love it.

As a mom I’ve come to realized that these little silly days form part of teaching.Valentines Day turns into teaching a child about thinking of someone else they care about, that they love.Teaching them that V-day is a special day but you can make someone feels special any day of the year.

Have you ever wondered why you get the gifts you do from your partner?

I have – we were brought up in a home where my dad spoiled my mom with jewellery and her favourite -perfumes , when it came to gift giving.

Do you think children learn this from their parents?

I do?

What does my brother primarily spoil my lovely Sis-in-law to be with when it comes to gifts???……..Jewellery and Perfume

What does my husband and brother-in-law usually spoil their partners with?……….Flowers

I want to raise sons that are considerate and thoughtful towards their partners everyday even on such a mundane day as Valentines Day.

Woolworths is my favourite one stop Valentines Day Shop

Below are a few of my favourite V-day goodies ideal to spoil your loved ones,friends,work colleagues/staff and even to send to school for the kids in your childs class.

Glitter-Travel-Mug-6009184530710.R89.95jpg.1    Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Lolly-30g-6009182229173 R10..95.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Hearts-390g-6009182229678R99.95.1Metallic-Heart-Bowl-6009184984414R55.00.1Metallic-Heart-Mug-6009184984421R49.00.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Card-6009184531823R9.95Cherry-Flavoured-Heart-Lollies-520g-6009184530680R99.95.1

Get them early so you not rushing around on the day.



 Footnote: the Beautiful Cover for this blog post is from Giggle

I love looking it at it – it makes me happy #sopretty