Back to Work – The Perfect Daily Planner

Back to Work – The Perfect Daily Planner, I don’t know about you but I love to start my year with a planner I’ve carefully selected to get me through the year, to jot down my appointments , important dates and things to do.

Back to work the perfect daily planner

I found this beautiful planner at the Cum Book Store .The hunt for the perfect planner started last year in late October as I wanted to get a beautiful planner from overseas , I searched and found I liked part of one planner and something from another.

Back to work the perfect daily planner Back to work the perfect daily planner

Its perfect and it looks beautiful.Its the 1st time in years I haven’t utilized a spiral bound planner but the pages on this one easily open.

Back to work the perfect daily planner

Its now the end of January and I can honestly say I love love love my daily planner.

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What planners do you use? Please share I’m always looking out for the perfect planner.



Number Fun – Foundation Phase


Identifying and learning Numbers can be rather daunting when your child gets past 1-50.

Remember the good old days when you were thrilled that they were counting like little champs from 1-10?

I came across this double-sided poster at PNA its 1-500 on one side and 501 – 1000 on the other.Perfect for kids up to foundation phase.

Then I bought this very inexpensive (dare I say it) gun at Ackermans for R 9.95 and we got to shooting.


What we do? Simple ……….



And IDENTIFY your number. (if the “bullet”lands between numbers then you have to identify all the numbers the “bullet” has landed on).


It’s an afternoon of fun and I’ve actually found my little guy doing his own numbers “target practice”.

Favourite Find 1: The Numbers Chart @ PNA

Favourite Find 2: The really cheap fun and lick and stick “bullets” from Ackermans