Christmas Pandoro with Apple Sauce

This Christmas Pandoro with Apple Sauce was inspired by blogger MammaPrada and its fab.I got a huge two thumbs up from the boys in my life (hubby and the two kids).

I’d made the apple sauce sometime ago when I was watching (in aggravation) the apples in the bowl being ignored.It made alot so there was a whole container full that I froze and I’m glad I did.

Its perfect for the busy mom who will be entertaining this festive season or ideal for the surprise guests dropping by.

What you will need:

  • A Store bought Pandoro or Panattone
  • Filling of your choice
  • A good knife
  • Icing Sugar
  • Sieve

What you need to do:

Cut the Pandoro into sections.


Spread the filling in between each slice.

Place each slice in different angle to the bottom one in order to create the “peak” effect.Once constructed and all slices have completed the Pandoro ,dust with icing sugar and serve. (Click on pic to watch video)




Christmas Gift Ideas – Cheap Class Gift


I made this a while back when my little guy was still in Nursery school and thought it perfect for Luca’s class as they work a lot with Play Dough in their therapy sessions and in class.I figured it was the perfect gift to take home over the holidays.

I made doubled the recipe and it made 2.150kg of dough which I than halved into 2 to make two different colours.

I did a green sparkle dough with green food colouring and edible glitter , the red I flavoured with bubblegum flavoured essence.

Here is the Recipe:

  • 2 Cups of Flour
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • 1/2 Cup of Salt
  • 15ml Cream of Tartar ( This is actually one sachet you get at PNP or Checkers )
  • 15ml of Cooking oil

In a saucepan still all contents over moderate heat
Mix till a thick dough ball forms. It must not be sticky.
Allow to cool in the pot.
Knead dough.This is when I divide if needed and begin to colour and / add the oils or essences and glitters.Wrap in plastic and store in a plastic/airtight container.
Encourage child to use their imagination when playing with playdough. Limit the use of playdough toys – using their fingers is better.

Caution: if you’ve just had a fresh manicure done or just don’t want to walk around with colouring all over your hands for the next few days use GLOVES!


We rolled and shaped them out into rectangles. The kids loved helping



We covered them in cling film


I made a quick gift tag on MS Word and printed it on Cardboard. I then tied twine around the container and added the tag

T he containers I found at Westpack my new favourite go to store.

They cost R 5.50 each and playdough is pretty inexpensive to make.

The children loved it I hope you will to.


Favourite Finds – 4 – Marina De Buchi Freedom Bracelet


I came across this fab find over the weekend at Cardies , and I’m truly in love with my little dainty Personalised Name Bracelet.

Ideal if you looking for the prettiest little gift for your sister,mom,bff, colleague or just about any woman /girl in your life. The list of  common female names is pretty long and you’ll definitely find a name you looking for unless your name is Lushandra that is….lol!


Cardies sells them for R 150.00 and well worth the price.


I love the fact that Its so dainty I’m thinking about buying the ‘Anna” and using only the name for a necklace.

NB: Not a sponsored post.


‘Tis The Season – Christmas Decor

MGFA2015-Cover-tile- Finalized Cover

Oh oh do I love this time of the year.Just between you and me, I think  I’m secretly related to Father Christmas /Papa Noel / Santa somehow.I just love what this season does to people.Even the meanest or arrogant of people soften a tad over this time of the year.People are nicer in general and I take it all in.

I also will openly admit that I love love opening presents.I love-making Christmas lists.What things I like, what to get so-and-so , the advent adventure list ,the whats for supper list, these lists go on and on.

Walking through the stores and on-line  and finding new Christmas ornaments to add to the ever-growing collection is such a thrill, here are a few of my favourites.Thought I’d show them off early so you wont be disappointed if you see something you love.

02_4101111986_SI_00 02_7109012184_SI_0002_4101111985_SI_00 02_7109012274_SI_00 02_7109012236_SI_00 02_7109012198_SI_00

Above are all from Mr Price Home – Click here to go directly to the website.The Subway art is right up my alley as is the disco ball globes.I gifted the Africa Shaped ornament to my BIL in Oz for their tree.How super sweet is Mr and Mrs Claus?

  18019558- 25.00 - @home18019593 - 110 - @home 18019512 - 169 -@home18019511 @ home18019491 - 189 - @home

These Beauties are from @Home – How sweet is the Nutcracker Soldier and that wooden Sleigh?(The perfect size for Christmas Cookies or Nuts – Click here to go direct to their website.

Christmas-Foil-Pear-6009189682360Christmas-Floral-Glitter-Heart-6009189875779  Christmas-Print-Wooden-Disc-6009189685552Christmas-Glitter-Apple-6009189683138Christmas-Glitter-Pear-6009189682179Christmas-Pattern-Heart-6009189877216

And because lets face it Woolies never disappoints (or at least in my opinion) I instantly fell in love with the Metallic Fruit decorations  and hearts.Click here to view online

tassels-157.32  tassel-22.80 tassel-271.32,jpgTassel - 111.15IMG_7881-775x550

A new find is this fab website.Tassels and Treasures I’m absolutely in love love (so in love I have to say it twice) with the reindeer place card holders .The felt cutlery holder is just so very pretty, such a great addition to any Christmas Table.

The stores are filled with something for every taste and any theme.Happy Decorating.


Personalizing my Santa Shoebox


By now you have probably realized I am obsessed with anything Personalized.

I jumped at the chance to spoil a little girl when I took my Santa Shoebox pledge. My home is filled with blues ,reds ,trucks and dinosaurs.Even our pet cat Mr Smee is male.So this is really my only opportunity to go crazy with girly stuff.

I really wanted to do something special for this child – this is what I did:


I played around with fonts on MS Word and once I was happy with it , I PDF-ed it and then sent it to the awesome team at Liqerish – Click here for their FB Page and they laser cut it for me.

She can hang it over her bed or on a cupboard door (I added extra ribbon so she can decide to hang it where ever she wants.)

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.I was going to make it a different colour but once I received it I really liked its Natural look.


Post photos of your Santa Shoeboxes on the MGFA Facebook page.

Next Year I’ve promised myself I will do a shoebox every month.So by the end of the year I’ll pledge 12 shoeboxes.

Click here if you would like to register – Santa Shoebox