Back to School Lunchbox Trick

Now that the kids are into their first full week of school and we back into our school routine, I’m going to share my most favourite Back to School Lunchbox trick … to avoid fruit from browning.

Back To School Lunch Box Trick

I shared the video on my Instagram account this morning and it’s been pretty popular.

I was and possibly still am(according to my mother lol) a #fussyeater , who remembers browned fruit 🍎 when opening their lunch boxes because I do? This awesome method keeps your apples and pears from browning

What you need:

  • cold water
  • tsp fine salt
  • optional – cutter+corer. •apples – washed

Back To School Lunch Box Trick


  • Slice the Apple/s 🍎
  • Stir x1 tsp of Salt in the water until dissolved.
  • Place apples in the salted water 💧 and go about finishing up what you need to do (3-5min)
  • Rinse the apples through fresh water
  • Place in lunchbox

Back To School Lunch Box Trick Back to school Lunchbox treats

I’ve had a piece or two of an apple come home and at 15:00 it’s still hasn’t browned.

Hope this little trick makes your life a little easier and aids in making sure your little ones eat their school lunch.

Click below to watch the video:

Back to school Lunch box treat


BACK TO SCHOOL – Marking kids clothing


It scared me to death – I kid you not , when I had the unlucky chore of having to visit the LOST AND FOUND room at our school. Its actually a tour every parent should make because there are thousands and thousands of your Rands sitting in there.

Its hammered into our heads every year at the start of the year and yet there was shirt after shirt with no name, there was  school shoes after school shoe with no name , jerseys , lunchboxes (Pick n Pay has nothing on the kind of stock that room ) #shocking.There baskets of winter beanies , gloves and scarves.Pencil-cases!!! The list goes on.

I wont tolerate the loss or theft of any of our property and make sure our little man knows this.Hence the trip – one new fleece glove (his name was on it) went missing after 2nd break , the teacher said one moment he had it the next it was gone.Sherlock-mom was on the case and we looked, he went from class to class asking if anyone had seen it.I then went to the Lost and Found with him afterschool.We circled the whole school and made a 360 upon getting close to the gate there it was lying on the floor we had just past not 10 minutes prior (I can only imagine someone heard me tell the teacher I was on the hunt for it and wouldn’t stop looking for it)needless to say there was a happy ending but I’ll never forget the room.

Uniformed kids look all the same no not always an easy thing to identify your uniform from the next kid, especially during swimming or PE and uniforms cost a bucket load so they really need to be taught to look after them.So you really need to think out the box as to how your kid is going to distinguish not just by his name on the label but an additional something else.

This is what I did to his School Jersey.


If you look carefully you will see I only started where the cuff begins.This is simply if you turn the cuff over (usually this is done because the sleeves are a little long) you wont see the stitching.




You going to need the following:

  • Embroidery Thread – your choice of colour.I went with this Bright Neon Yellow.
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Scissors


I tried a normal sewing in and out but that didn’t work.In the end the easy blanket stitch was the best one yet.If you not familiar with this stitch here is a quick and easy tutorial I came across.

This method of marking is also useful for sports clothing , or normal clothing.

What do you do besides the usually markings on clothing and items?




Folding Socks the Easy Way

I did a blog post sometime ago on an easy way for kids to put on socks. In our household actually everyone puts their socks on in this way,  as its the way I fold the socks.Moms are always trying to find great time savers and this is one of them in my opinion.

The video is an easy way for the kids to just slip on a sock and its brilliant,however its all thanks to the folding of said socks.

These are the easy steps below.Once done click on the video for a quick visual.





1st Grade Rocks!!! Free Iron On T-shirt Decal


So, its begun……My babies school careers.

Little guy is going to our local primary school and Little Man will be going to a special needs school.

Tomorrow the school will be hosting a Meet-and-Greet Orientation type party for the 1st Graders.They will be introduced to their teacher’s and shown to their classrooms thereafter they will have a little party.

I wanted them to both have something special – something that I made, something that says (even if its just for me)”mommy thought of you and how (tears) this is such a big day in your little life (and more tears)”.

I spent a very long time on a very simple design for the Iron On but – its all made with love.(I’m still getting used to the program)

Tshirt Print

What do you need:

  • A4 Iron On sheet of Transfer Paper (I used TRIBE – bought a packet of 10 at PNA for R123.99)
  • Iron and Ironing Boar
  • A white t-shirt (I got mine from Pick n Pay Clothing for R29.99)
  • Printer – Or take your Iron On paper to the closest printing shop like a Postnet or Minuteman Press

What you need to do:

  1. Print out the PDF in colour on Iron on Paper
  2. Warm the iron
  3. Face the printed side face down on the shirt and iron really well
  4. allow to cool
  5. Remove the top film of the iron on paper

And that’s it – you done

An inexpensive shirt made especially for their special day and it only got R40.29 ($3.50)


Footnote: for photo details step-by-steps on the above see my previous tutorial here:

2015 Back 2 School favourites


My other favourite time of the year  – school supply time!

With the boys starting 1st Grade it was compulsory for us parents to purchase the school supply box with all contents direct from the school – so it wasn’t much fun.

However I still get the opportunity to scour the stationary isles for book covers and homework supplies (yayness!!!!)

I’m drawing inspiration from bright NEON colours to (personalize their book covers……I’ll let you know how that goes however there are so many pretty cool items I just had to share with you.

Now back when I was at school and we were finally allowed to cover our books in whatever colour we wanted I always went for matching items – so from book covers to stationary it all matched…I loved it and still do.

Lets start off with the backpacks:

I came across these at Mr Price and Pick n Pay

  PNP backpacks 2

  01_1725510074_SI_11 R79.9901_2727810069_SI_08 R99.9901_2727810044_SI_11 R99.99

01_6722810013_SI_08 R89.9901_2727810054_SI_00 - R99.99  01_1725510058_SI_00 R89.99

Colourful Book Covers

Pnp matching stationary PNP matching statioinary 2

 No stationary shopping trip is complete without a visit to my favourite of favourites……TYPO!!

Typo6.1 Typo2.1 Typo 4.1


typo9.1 typo11.1 typo8.1

typo10.1 typo12.1

and lets not forget the store I visit daily …Woolworths