My Hidden Talent – Day 26 – 30 Day Blog Challenge

my hidden talent

Have I racked my brain over this one.I’m a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” kinda girl , an open book so any talents I may have are currently on show.

I will however give myself a high-five for 2015 achievement , a small one at that but never the less an achievement.

In 7th Grade we learn t to knit. Mrs Tarnow had us knit a very easy Teddy Bear, needless to say I wasn’t very good and poor teddy turn out more like Quasimodo then cute teddy.

Now fast forward 30 odd years , the primary school my little boy attends was doing a charity drive for the Teddy Bear Clinic , moms grannies and aunts were asked to knit teddy bears.I gave myself the challenge knowing I wasn’t the best knitter.

My 1st attempt was er…..not to much of a success.In fact my husband says I need to learn to knit a horse for poor teddy to mount.

1st teddy2015

Thereafter things went a lot smoother and I actually knitted about 12 teddies and motivated aunts and friends to get in on this knitting frenzy to help children.

Here are a few of the successes I made – wish I had taken photos of all the teddies I made.

teddy2015.01 Teddy2015

teddy2015.06 teddy2015.03



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