Mr Smee’s 1st visit to the Vet



Preparation for Spring is on its way in our household.

Slowly the blankets are being sent to dry clean , clothing has started making its way into the Winter Storage boxes.Its this time of the year I like to do our check ups.Nobody is sick, cold and flu’s have left our wintery bodies and its the perfect time to take precautions such as having the entire family De-wormed. ( Do you do this annually?)

De-Worming:I will never forget ;before I had my 1st little boy ,my then boss’s children were at a Private School in their 1st or 2nd grade, anyway the kids came home traumatized after witnessing a classmate having a seizure. It came to light the day after,once an MRI and EEG were done that the little boy had tape worm which had grown so long it had made its way up to the brain.

Needless to say I De-worm all of us every 12 months.

Mr Smee( Little Man named him) is the new addition to our family.Brought home in June 2013 from our local JHBSPCA (See Footnote). All necessary vaccinations and spading had been done before we adopted him but we hadn’t put in he’s chip.I was also concerned that we were over feeding him a tad.Little Man and I took Mr Smee to our closest vet for a check up and necessary booster shot.We met the lovely Dr Ida who was fantastic with both cat and owners.

 IMG_9900  IMG_9918 IMG_9927


My little man was so worried if Mr Smee was going to cry – but they were both so brave


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JHBSPCA – Adoption Process – So Impressed

On a whim hubby asked if I would take the boys and see about adopting a kitten for our family.I figured it was, get there- pick one -give a donation and take him home.The process that needed to be covered was fantastic and should happen even in pet stores, we selected our kitten and paid a small fee to begin the adoption Application.Thereafter we were informed that an inspector would be coming to our home to see if we our home was adequate to house a pet(they do this to make sure that people want the pets as pets and not to release them into a factory to take care of their mice problem or those thugs that have started this horrible dog fighting trend). Once that was approved we would receive a call to notify us we could come and collect our pet.Collection of the pet is only allowed once you bring a covered pet basket for safe transportation of the new addition to your family.I was really impressed and will, when we eventually decided to get another furry family member they will def come from the JHBSPCA –


Waiting to collect our kitty – 04.06.2013


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