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The last time there was load shedding I had just become a new mom , it was crazy.Dealing with a new born and the darkness.Gas stoves were bought , long lasting and rechargeable batteries for torches were purchased.The list went on and on.

The wait – the guessing behind load shedding was perhaps the worst part of it all.With a new born baby never knowing when next you would be sitting in darkness was rather stressful.

Its great to forward a few years (sadly a few years later and having to still deal with Load Shedding is troublesome – but thats discussion is for another sort of blogger) and have tools available that aid you to prepare for when next you will be without electricity is a great one.

The app idea is  great and there will be one that suits your needs:


My local community forum on fb mentioned the “LOAD SHEDDING ALERT” app seems to be the winner when it comes to reliability and accuracy in this area – however I personally haven’t tried it as its for Android users only.If you an android user and know of any other Load Shedding apps please do share them with us.

iphone2IphoneApp1  Iphpne3

Ive downloaded the free apps and am currently waiting to see which works most accurately for my area.Let me know which ones you have tested and what your opinion is.

All the best.





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