Going on Stilnox – our 2 week trial


A few weeks back there was an interesting piece on Carte Blanche called the Lazarus Pill.

http://carteblanche.dstv.com/player/755474/ ( be patient it sometimes hangs but its worth the wait …just watch it)

Any parent with a special needs child watching this would have probably lost just as much sleep as I have.

Could there be this Miracle Pill that would wake up the dormant brain cells in my little boys brain?

Would he finally say the words I so long to hear……”Mommy”?

Should we try put him on?Is it safe……these questions went round and round in my head for days.Family and friends were contacting me,asking me if I had watched it and why not put my little man on it.Easier said then done.We’ve done our best not to throw medication down he’s little throat.Its hard enough having to give him medication for his epilepsy daily and twice a day at that let alone any other medication.

We had always been told that our little man had 10’s of thousands of dormant brain cells and by doing this and by doing that the dormant cells would awaken so to speak and do the job of those brain cells that had died during the lack of oxygen at birth (the Birth of my little man…that’s another story….a long story) so will this work?

I gathered the courage to contact the Pediatrician and I sent all the information as well as the video of the Carte Blanche segment.

Two weeks later our Pediatrician came back to us and together we took the decision based on the doctor’s research that we would put him on the lowest dosage and try it for two weeks.

This is our 3rd day he takes a quarter of this very minute pill every morning.

Have we noticed changes????

Yes – last night he went to he’s little toy tool box, lifted the lid grabbed his little toy Black and Decker drill and began playing.This is HUGE HUGE in our household as he primarily drags cars around or bangs toys.

We have put it in God’s hands.

I’ll keep you updated during these 2 weeks as to how he is doing.

Pray and wish us luck.




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