DAY 7 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


my 5 favourite songs

Sherbet this one is a toughy. Age 15 and I could spew 5 songs in a mater of seconds but now mmmmm?

  1. The way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra – when I was going out with my then boyfriend now husband I’d play this in the lounge and have the sliding doors open onto the patio and we would just sway from side to side.Amazing moments to fall in love.So this song was the obvious one for our 1st dance when we got married.Since I had ballroom dancing when I was younger I had a little routine for our special day and at the end I got an awesome dip.However I kinda killed it for hubby and now I have to beg for a dance at a wedding or party.
  2. Nah Neh Nah by Vaya Con Dios – background music at family lunches
  3. Viva La Vida by Coldplay – we went to their concert when they were here, the 1st date night in a very very long time and it was absolutely awesome.Its the windows open wind in your hair kind of song.
  4. Gone by Jack Johnson – hammock music. Its the song you have in the car when your hair is sea salt wet , towel wrapped around your waist as you head to the the other part of the beach.Its the song on your ipod as you sway from side to side,the warm sun softy hits your face and the breeze kisses you with a salty coconut scent.Oh what the hay anything from Jack Johnson.
  5. Classical Gas by Vanessa Mae – this goes up full blast when I’m home alone.You can just feel the music through you its just  beautiful.

My dad taught me to appreciate all sorts of music genres.

Classic is still one of my favourites and when I was pregnant with the boys I Id put the ipod head phones on either side of my tummy and press play while I worked.To this day I just play and the boys calm down or go to sleep or just relax.

And just an added extra – makes you want to fall in love over and over again.I love her voice.Watch the video.

Pablo Alborán – Perdóname (con Carminho)

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