DAY 6 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


What Am I Afraid of?

Prior to having children wasn’t  afraid of dying.These days that’s a little different, I want to be here for every moment of their lives.I want to be around for everything, I’ve decided to look after myself better and something I never used to do before…pray for myself, pray for continued good health that no fatal illness will plague my body that when I leave them to go out that I’ll return.

If you asking what makes me go eeeeeek then its snakes.Cant stand them …all of them.Hubby once had a colleague who was very distressed as her poor pet had suddenly disappeared.When he asked her what sort of pet she was referring to she told him it was a python.Now this lady lived in a complex which means close proximity to neighbors.The next day she arrived with good news the python had been found in the kitchen cupboard of her next door neighbor.

Now if i had been that next door neighbor the following steps would have happened.

  • Massive Scream
  • Wet myself
  • Shut the cupboard door
  • Grab the children and leave the house.
  • Call security
  • Said neighbor would collect snake
  • I’d help said neighbor pack her things

You want to have snakes live in a house away from others especially me.In fact a plot of some sort would be best.Just far far far away from me.

I can’t even look at them on tv.

My parents house is up on the koppies and when we were building they found a snake by the rocks.I spent the next few days at my aunts house as the gentleman who came to fetch the snake said they liked warm places like under beds.I slept with an electric blanket whats warmer then that?For weeks after that I would smack my bed with a tennis racket , lift the duvet and check under the bed before I jumped in. #petrified

Being Hi-Jacked – oh the bitter reality of living in this amazing country.Last year when they attacked Paris I thought to myself how terrible, rather the devil you know then the devil you don’t.South Africans are so programmed to take precaution to always be prepared  to always be aware to be on guard everywhere you go.I pray daily I am never involved in a hi-jacking especially with my children in the car.I have rad all the suggestions leave from the back to unbuckle your kids from their car seat.I have a little boy with special needs, just  thinking about this makes me hyperventilate.You know what I’m all for old-school theft , you’d wake up and your tires were missing or your car radio or the car.

Lastly – needles.I had suspected meningitis when I was 11 and had to have a lumbar puncher prior to this incident injections were fine but when your Doctor tells you that it’s just going to feel like a mozzie bite and next think he had a long needle going into your back while you have four nurses pinning you down on all four corners to this day i can still feel that needle close to my belly button (or so it felt)The fact that my parents weren’t allowed in made it even worse.Thereafter even dental procedures were done under general anesthetic and hence the reason why it took so long to have babies.My parents have to escort me to theatre until I’m asleep and be in recovery the moment I wake up.This still happens to date but hubby has stepped in with this responsibility.


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