DAY 5 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


My Proudest moment

You were expecting my proudest moment would be the day I gave birth or the day I got married and these are right up there.

But that one thing that makes me say…I did this.I made it, was the day I graduated from my 1st year teaching.

My schooling career was a massive 2 thumbs down.Bottom line I was lazy.My mom always said that if TV was a subject at school I’d be a straight ‘A’ student.I was told by a teacher the only way I’d ever be successful is if I married into money.At the time I guess I deserved it I showed no ambition and had my head way up in the clouds.

I have studied as a carefree youngster – that was easy

I’ve studied as a married woman – that was challenging but do-able my husband was really supportive

I’ve studied as a married woman and a mom to two kids – that has been a monumental challenge and any person who makes the decision to go back to school later in life has my full respect because it is far from easy.There are classes to attend and you need to make sure someone is looking after the kids.There are assignments you have to do over and above your day job and then there is studying for exams.Id bath feed and have the boys ready for a little down time and sneak into the bedroom to study and in would walk No:1 “mommy I also want to study” colouring book in hand.No:2 would walk in later to hang out as well.Then there would be questions and the request for a glass of water and it goes on and on.

So yes has going back to school been my greatest achievement to date……..hell yes.I own it its my achievement my hard work.

I have loved every moment.The research for assignments.The pretty new stationary I spoiled myself with (you know I just had too), the debating with fellow students over an interesting subject but most of all the learning of something new and absolutely fascinating.The studying and writing notes.I heart being a nerd…ALOT

I plan on returning this year and getting closer to getting my degree.I may not have achieved it when I left school but I will now and it means that much more because I’m not doing it for the pat on the back from mom and dad or that cool passing present.I’m doing it because I want to and because I love it.

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