DAY 4 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


My Dream Job

If I’d been asked this question when I was 12 I would have said I wanted to work at CHANEL in Paris (I read an article on Coco Chanel in one of my mom’s Fair Lady Magazines and fell in love with the style the person she was , she was an amazing woman).

In my opinion I seriously think I’ve finally got my dream job.

I’m my own boss

I choose my hours

I choose my salary 😃

I work from home

I’m able to attend school events and cheer my children on

I’m responsible yet able to take a day off if I want

I’ve learn t to be disciplined about my hours

I’ve learn t compromise

I’ve known stress like a boss , if I don’t work I don’t get paid

It’s allowed us to keep our heads above water financially

I’ve become more ambitious and hunger to grown and succeed

For the moment this is MY DREAM JOB.


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