My Worst Habits – DAY 22 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my worst habits

  • Snacking
  • First Impressions – One of my worst traits is that I tend to judge on 1st impression.As I’ve gotten older this bad habit has gotten better but there are times I find myself having to take a step back when I realize I’m doing it.
  • Set in my ways – a creature of habit who doesn’t rarely tries new things.What a terrible habit,I get so comfortable that I just cant bring myself to try something new.Take for instance my favourite little Bistro.We go there at least once a month for lunch (their Chicken Pasta is by far the best and I looked forward to the end of the month when we would visit.)We sat down the other day, got our menus handed to us and we were so excited new pretty menus.I combed from the front to the back looking for my old faithful but nothing.I eventually called the waiter and he said that the decision had been made to remove it from the menu. #Devastated!!!! So my favourite Bistro decided it would get in on the Burger trend and remove my yummy Pasta (yes VIVA Carbs)I was so sad we took the decision to leave and go else where. Should I have stayed and tried something new? I mean I really never try anything new, if we go to Wimpy its A Double Frank and Chips with Chutney on the side (I’ve eaten this since I was probably 6). If we go to Ocean Basket I have Grilled Halloumi cheese for starters (I have two foiled as a doggy bag) and for Main I have the Prawn Special or Grilled Calamari Rings NO Squid Heads.If we go to Spur I have the Sirloin or Rump with Chips and Garlic Sauce on the side.

Lastly there the;

  • Chocolate at my bedside – Its a must, my best friend has known me forever and even she knows where to get her chocolate fix when shes at my house because without a doubt there’s some right there just welcoming me to bed with open chocolaty arms.My dad did the same – he always had a box of Ferrero Rochers at his bedside , weird what we pick up from our parents isn’t it?

Im sure there are a lot more bad habits …oh yes I weigh myself daily ( and I know all to well its a big no no but I do it anyway) but nobody is perfect and we all have them.

On habit I’m pretty glad to say I’ve moved past is my Road Rage – it was bad I soon realized when my then toddler started screaming curse words at other cars I was the only one to blame.

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