What Makes Me Sad – DAY 21 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


what makes me sad


The way others perceive my son as different makes me sad.How parents raise children to be fearful of those who are different.

Children in general treat my son little boy as equal.Having conversations with him, wanting to share their toys with him or whats happening lately I see they including him in their little circle – whatever game it is.

Since my little man started nursery school and all the years up I’ve walked into the class room and introduced Luca to the students.I explain how a very bad doctor didn’t take care of him on the day he was born and that’s why he has problems.They have started asking a few questions and I’m glad to answer but the bottom line is he is welcomed and they don’t make fun of his brother for having a brother with special needs.

Birthdays are also a breeze because the kids let the moms know before hand and that makes for a less uncomfortable environment.

it makes me sad to think of a future where my son is discriminated against so I’m changing that one kid and narrow minded parent at a time so that I’m trying to form a generation of kids become adults who will be mindful of people with special needs , who will be respectful and loving towards people who have special needs.



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