DAY 2 – 30 Blogging Challenge – 20 Facts About Me

20 Facts about Me

Mmmm it’s taken me 3 days to finish day 2 challenge and with a lot of help from hubby.

1)I’m left handed

2)I’m obsessed with stationary

3)Spoil me by giving me Milka Chocolate and Woolworths Biltong Sticks

4)I always make sure that there’s a father/daughter dance at weddings I attend sadly when I got married my dad had already passed away

5)I really get into watching movies I’m the one telling them no run the other way, to just kiss her or I’m in absolute tears , hubby swears he has witnessed me holding my breath while someone took a dive on a Baywatch episode.

6)Before I had children I always thought I’d be better suited to be the mom to girls.

7)I don’t do camping , my definition of “roughing-it” is a thatched chalet.

8)I’m a creature of habit especially with food.Ive order a Frank and Chips every time  we go to Wimpy I’ve done this since I was a little girl.

9)Neon colours make me happy – must be the 80s kid in me.

10)My dream car is currently a Porsche Cayanne in White.Im hoping to have one by the time I turn 40, I plan to personalise the license plate…..”FINALLY” ( Ive wanted a white Porsche from about age 8).

11)I only started eating prawns in my 20s and now I’m making up for last time.

12)I don’t eat fruit or vegetables besides granny apples and tummy raw carrots.(I do cook with veggies but after I steam them they either mashed or liquidized)

13)When I left school I studied fashion design at LISOF – I never went  into the fashion industry but I’d like to think those 3 years have made me a better shopper, I then studied HR Management and that has been my bread and butter.I decided to go back to college part time to get my teaching degree.Im currently in my 2nd year.

14)I’m a South African born into a Portuguese family.I speak the language and have passed this down to my boys.

15)My dream holiday will be in the Maldives at Club Med Kani or Kandooma Maldives Holiday Inn


16)My two favourite authors are Francine Rivers (the Mark of the Lion should be turned into a Hallmark mini series it’s just a beautiful story I read all 3 books on holiday in Zanzibar) I came across Mirian Keyes when I lived in London and I’ve read every book she has written. 

17)My favourite flowers are Hydrangias and if I could afford it I’d contract a florist to deliver a fresh bunch of flowers every week.

18)I don’t wear my wedding ring a)because I had to stop wearing it when I fell pregnant and shortly after I put it back on and it refused to come off so I had hubby cut it off me. b) I’d like a new setting when we can afford it.
19)I prefer Summer to Winter since my babies were born those 1st few winters were horrible,but how I love collecting beautiful jerseys and coats and gloves #loveit

20)I’m to embarresed about this one so if you really want to know email me lol

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