DAY 17 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my favourite blogs

I have followed a few bloggers for sometime.

The 1st one is Busy Budgeting Mama now called At Home with Natalie I came across her when I was looking for printables for my Christmas Cookies Exchange party.I loved her stuff and I loved how open she was about life , motherhood and I loved that she still found the time to blog and be creative.

2:Enjoying the Small things – I came across Kellie Hampton and her family when I read Nella’s Birth Story , I was in-cant-see-the-screen-anymore-tears.I could so relate and I love that she too has a passion for photography.

3.There had to be a Fashion Blog – I visit Anna (Mungo Life)every 2 weeks and I love her fashion sense.Shes a young woman studying in London , traveling and has the best taste in fashion.Shes the 20 something Anna I wanted to be.

4.Super Mom Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots I love how this busy mom of 4 is super creative and makes such awesome stuff for her family from knitting to a fun table of treats.I came across Maggie via Pinterest when I was looking at knitting scarf.

5.My next two are currently my most favourite as Im going through a decorate-get-organised phase of my life. Theres I Heart Organizing blog and The DIY Playbook #awesome

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do

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