DAY 15 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

where will I be in 5 years

I love this sort of questions.Its filled with faith and hope.What do we hope and pray for for the future.Its so exciting.

I pray that we will be very comfortable in our home and have been living there for the past 5 years.There will be a backyard and 2 little doggies.

I pray that both my husband and I will have grown our businesses that they successful and continue to steadily grow.

I pray that both boys will be excelling  at school.

I pray I’d finally have graduated and finally have my degree.

I pray that I will form part of the Foundation Phase faculty at the school I want to work at.

I pray we are all healthy and no illnesses have plagued our bodies.

I pray we have had an abundance of travel thought the world, I pray we have shown our children different cultures and their beautiful sights

I pray that we are debit free in 5 years and have really gotten control over our finances and are stable and we actually saving.

I pray we are able to help those in need more often, to make a difference in our community.

I pray that Project Hope is on its feet and that the project has grown from strength to strength and will be nation wide with zero percentage of Abandoned babies being found dead but that the sms line works so well that we reach ever little baby before its to late.

I pray that we are finally looking at investing in a little home down at our coast where we will spend many holidays and eventually look at living there.





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