DAY 13 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Whats in my Fridge

The fridge – I have a love hate relationship with that rectangular box we all own in our homes.

Good grief when I was pregnant with my 2nd little boy I spent all 33 weeks avoiding my fridge.There was this smell in there I couldn’t stand. My husband washed it all out, cleaned it top to bottom, we put in bicarb soda, lemon halves nothing worked.There were store bought fridge fresheners nothing nothing worked I hated it I hated the light when the fridge door was open,so poor hubby had to mentally learn where everything was and get in and get out in record speed before I began to moan #poorguy.

Anyway fast forward 7 years and the same fridge is still around and there isnt any smell thre was never any smell.I tend to organise my fridge by its shelves.

Top Shelf:

This gets all the coldmeats and cheese along with jams and butters or margarines

2nd Shelf:

This is divided in two.The one side has the dairy products like youghurs and the drinking yoghurts. The other side is for desserts,

3rd Shelf:

This is the left over shelf.Its where put our leftover meals or lunches for the next day.

4th Shelf (or the bottom of the fridge):

Is the Tallest and therefore gets most of the condiments.

  • Olive Jars
  • Pesto Jars
  • Tomato Sauce Bottles
  • Every sort of Mustard my husband can bring home
  • Peri-Peri Sauces -another collection hubby does
  • Water bottles and Juice bottles that cant fit into the door stay

The Drawer:

This where are fruits go, our healthy snacks.Its low enough that the kids can reach it and select anything they feel for.Its where I keep the juice boxes as well.From Time to time if I want something to get cold quickly it also hangs out there.

Oh wait the door.

Top – Eggs and Chocoaltes

Left Shelf – Tabasco and smaller mustards

Right Shelf – Medicines that require fridge time go there

Bottom – Liquids as follows

  • Milk
  • Water Bottle
  • Juice Bottle
  • Iced Tea and Coke

When we eventually move out I’ll have this fridge in the Entertainment area and I’ll get the “Silver Beauty”.

Whenever I go to Makro or to Game or to Dions Wired I go pray over this fridge because it will be mine.

Wait for it…………………………


I don’t really mind which one I get – which ever one I can afford at the time be it Hi-Sense , LG or Samsung.

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