DAY 11 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


my favourite childhood book

Someone once gave me The Diary of Anne Frank ( the kids version).At the time I had just gotten my 1st scented bright pink diary with lock and I loved it , I loved how passionate she was about her writing and the people and places around her.I loved her story so much that a trip to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is on my Bucket List.


Her story ignited a love for all stories around the Holocaust, to this day.How these amazing people survived , the loved ones they lost and all the suffering.In the end so many lives were lost but the optimist in me sees the triumph and courage that so many rose above and went on to cement successful legacies for their families long after they were gone.

I often think about my days with Anne Frank imagining sitting right next to her up in that attic.Sharing a bunk with her in the concentration camp.Im glad I only have the luxury of imagination but as an adult I think of these difficult times I am left to wonder if we would be capable of surviving a holocaust like that one.I think of my little boy with special needs and wonder what a monster would do to him and my skin crawls and I shift the horrid thought away.I wonder how Id keep this happy boy quite in a small attic when his favourite thing to do is smile and laugh?.

I’ve read and watched every version of her story and still love it, my heart and my imagination still loves my friend Anne Frank.

Otto Frank (Anne’s Father) gave the world a great and beautiful gift by sharing the words written by he’s daughter Anne.


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