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A while back us parents were running around collecting Stikeez , going on Social media swopping with other moms it was crazy but lots of fun for both children and the parents(well at least it was in our household). Our collection still gets taken out and played with.

So lo-and-behold when I walked in to my local Checkers and found the LITTLE SHOP  Mini Collection,  I grabbed the Collectors Case(R 29.99) straight away (I left this  for last previously and had hubby running around Joburg trying to find a case).

Littleshop Minis.mgfa.02

The Little Shop Mini Collection is simple – For every R 150.00 spent you receive one Little Shop item to add to your collection.

I’m in love with their ad – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

My little one recently learned about money at school so we play “shop-shop” daily.He has a little till and all my gift voucher cards are used as debit cards and I have to collect all our cereal boxes and shampoo bottles etc so he can stock the store.Its great fun and he is learning at the same time.The LITTLE SHOP collection arrived at the perfect time.

Little Shop.01

Next on our list is definitely the Cardboard LITTLE SHOP HOUSE (R 149.00) so we can really make the whole at-home-store more realistic.

Smses have been sent out as well as group Whats App Messages to relatives asking them to please shop at Checkers and keep the kids in the family in mind lol….what we do for our kids!

Good Luck and happy collecting 🙂

Footnote:Pics from Checkers Website

4 thoughts on “Checkers LITTLE SHOP Collection

    • AnaSimoes says:

      No ways – will definitely look into it – my little ones love Angry Birds how did I miss it? The closest Spar to us is super tiny.

  1. Ronda Smith says:

    Is there anyway we can buy this Little shop goodies for the kids. If the closing date is closed can we buy the left overs. I need for my 2 granddaughters. Your help would be much appreciated.

    • AnaSimoes says:

      Hi Ronda – Im not affiliated with Checkers – I’m just a mom who came across the promo when they launched -it has been fun?We have but one to go…The Colgate.Got hold of friends and family and looks like we actually might just finish our collection.All the best your side.

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