This Chatbooks ad completely sold me, just watch, you be the judge. (Click above).

After researching and downloading the app on my phone I was ready to start it was just that easy, and I was so pleased that #chatbooks delivered to South Africa and at $10 what a bargain!

The app is super easy to use and since my 1st book I’ve actually created one ever month with ease.

The arrival of the book was like Christmas coming early.Its beautiful my photos look stunning , they great quality prints and the feel of the paper is amazing. A photoboook with top quality prints and paper without the expensive price tag thats for sure.Everyone I’ve shown the book to is totally hooked.

The only drawback from this whole exercise was not from Chatbooks but our South African Postal Service , because of the #aliexpress and #wish parcels it took a tad longer than expected to get my hands on it.The wait was worth it because they are truly the easiest photobooks I’ve made as well as the cheapest.

Click below to go directly to their website.


I’m thinking with all the wonderful list of “things-to-do” over the festive season I’m definitely going to need to create two volumes for December.

Visit the blog  and my Instagram account over the next few days to view what we will be up to and creating.

Happy Holidays, be safe , be blessed


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